The deep-fried Manchester afternoon tea with super-cheesy Chicago pies and Wotsit mozzarella wedges

Manchester's first ever deep-dish Chicago pizza spot has outdone itself with this latest creation.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 1st February 2022

Chicago deep-dish pizzeria American Pies has launched a new deep-fried Manchester afternoon tea, and we are a little bit obsessed.

Taking a turn away from your standard crustless sandwiches and strawberry and cream-loaded scones, this is not your typical afternoon tea – not by a long stretch.

Instead of delicate cakes and dainty triangles filled with cucumber, cheese and ham, the new ‘mate date’ afternoon tea at American Pies features the likes of Wotsit mozzarella wedges and a 7 inch deep-dish Chicago pie of your choosing.

Image: American Pies

And that’s not all. Think deep-fried dauphinoise potatoes wrapped in prosciutto, ranch chicken tenders and smoked cheese lollipops with sweet chilli.

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Served with a homemade red pepper and oregano ketchup for dipping, you’ll also tuck into deep-fried duck lasagne bites and pepperoni garlic knots with vodka sauce in what is sure to be one of the most naughty yet satisfying afternoon tea combinations we’ve ever seen.

They’re not messing about here, that’s for sure. Even if you hate afternoon tea, (or perhaps, especially if you hate afternoon tea), you can’t possibly turn your nose up at this feast.


Yes, it’s rather beige, but it’s deliciously indulgent all the same.

Image: American Pies

Available from 21 February, details of how much the new ‘mate date’ afternoon tea has yet to be revealed – so make sure to keep an eye on American Pies socials for further updates.

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The first deep dish Chicago pizza restaurant in Manchester, American Pies was launched during lockdown 2021 by the Brewski team and has since taken over the group’s Moseley street restaurant, which had previously specialised in poutine.

Using parmesan and garlic butter in its dough to create a signature crust, its pizza bases are loaded with marinara and a signature cheese blend to give each pie that oh-so-satisfying cheese pull.

The new afternoon tea menu takes some of its most popular starters, like the cheesy garlic knots and deep-fried duck lasagne bites, and combines them together for one fixed price. What more could you possibly want.

Feature image – American Pies