The Manc - The new Brewski 'Cluck Me Sideways' fried chicken tray is biblical"

The new Brewski ‘Cluck Me Sideways’ fried chicken tray is biblical


In a city filled with places to eat brunch, or cuisine from across the pond, only few stand out. Brewski is one of them.

The popular brand has two locations in Greater Manchester; one in the city centre, and one in Chorlton – and boy do people live for their food.

Thee North American-inspired restaurant is famous for its All American offerings including poutine, fried chicken, burritos, po' boys and some insane platters.


One of these platters is the Cluck Me Sideways fried chicken tray and it's a sight to behold.

On this tray you will find 2 Louisiana fried chicken burgers, 6 fried chicken tenders, 2 fried chicken tacos, 2 fried chicken burritos, some fennel slaw and plenty of fries.

The platter, like all Brewski platters, is only available for a limited time only from Tuesday 11th February until the end of March.


It will set you back £45, but realistically feeds 4-6 people.

If you want to get your hands on one, you'll need to head to their website to book it – as all of their platters need advanced notice.

But they are worth it, trust us.

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