Three arrested and ‘significant’ amount of counterfeit goods seized in latest Cheetham Hill raids

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 19th July 2023

Three people have been arrested and a “significant seizure” of counterfeit goods have been made as part of the latest Cheetham Hill raids.

Yet again, as part of what is Greater Manchester Police‘s (GMP) ongoing ‘Operation Vulcan’ – which is a mission to crackdown on the sale of counterfeit and hit the finances of the gangs operating out of the Cheetham Hill and Strangeways areas of Manchester – officers joined forces with their partner agencies to target a premises on Great Ducie Street earlier yesterday (18 July).

Counterfeit clothing, footwear, electronics, and accessories were all seized by police from the Cheetham Hill-based premises.

The amount of goods seized was said to be “significant”, according to GMP.

The crackdown saw GMP team up with partners from UK Border Force, Immigration Enforcement, Manchester Trading Standards, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), and the anti-social behaviour team from Manchester City Council, as well as with several other professional brand representatives.


Just like in a number of other previous raids in recent months, when officers arrived at the scene and proceeded to saw off the shutters and smash through doors, they found a man and his son inside the premises.

The two had been locked inside against their will by the shop keepers. 


“It is remarkable that even though it has been nine months since the creation of Operation Vulcan, a small contingency of criminals continue to think that they can open shops and profit from illicit activity,” Inspector Andy Torkington, from GMP’s Operation Vulcan, said after the latest Cheetham Hill raids.

“Operation Vulcan is here to stay in the area and if you are looking to purchase fake products, you won’t find them here in Cheetham Hill.”

Inspector Torkington acknowledged that Cheetham Hill is an area that was once “well known for the sale of counterfeit goods”, but added that it’s “a testament to the dedication of our officers and staff alongside partner agencies who continue to ensure that those who distribute, sell and profit from the selling of these goods are brought to justice.”


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“We continue to be present and visible in the area with a sincere dedication to shutting down shops that reopen,” he continued.

“Shops will not be allowed to reopen and prosper on our watch – they will be shut down immediately.”

Featured Image – GMP