Why new plastic expiry date stickers just started appearing on supermarket products


There's nothing more satisfying than rummaging around in the supermarket bargain section, snapping up soon-to-expire products for a fraction of their usual price.

But now, there's a new type of expiry date being slapped onto items across the UK.

These stickers reveal when the plastic packaging will decompose - which is often hundreds of years into the future.

Gags and Joe

Budding entrepreneurs Gagandeep Jhuti and Joe Foale-Groves have created Plastic Expiry Date labels to raise awareness of how long it takes for plastic items to break down - encouraging buyers to think about what this packaging is doing to the planet.

The plan is to make people reassess their purchases and prompt supermarkets to remove single-use plastic from their shelves.

More than a thousand stickers have been seen on items around London so far - with a rising number also spotted by shoppers outside the capital.


The duo have also set up a website and Twitter account - which you can visit if you'd like to learn more about their eco-friendly initiative.

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