The Manc - You and your mates can hire this pub with a mega beer garden"

You and your mates can take over this pub in the Peak District and stay the night

Sykes Cottages

Nothing beats the blurry buzz of a lock-in.

You're surrounded by friends and empty glasses, stray nuts and crisps littered across the table.

The jingle of the Last Orders bell feels like a lifetime ago. Most clientele have long since shuffled out into the dark streets in search of the flickering white lights of the takeaway.

Sykes Cottages

But, instead of the landlord ushering you to follow suit, they quietly bolt the doors closed.

It's a blissful feeling. The pub is all yours.

Now, it turns out, you can replicate the joy of the lock-in down the road in the Peak District.

The old Poacher's Arms pub on Castleton Road has been renovated into a country house - with the bar remaining intact. The owners even supply barrels of beer so you can pour your own pints whilst you're there.

Sykes Cottages

Unsurprisingly, the residence (which fits 30 people) is mighty popular with stag dos, and if you don't fancy getting behind the bar and pulling the pumps yourself, you can request staff to do it all for you.

There's also comfy bed for the night, lounge area, dining space, hot tub, smart TV, Playstation 3, board games, books, air hockey and football table.

Sykes Cottages

So, pretty much everything you could want on a holiday.

Head over to Sykes Cottages for more details about the ultimate holiday venue.

Here are some more images of the gaff

Sykes Cottages
Sykes Cottages
Sykes Cottages

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