You can get alcoholic water so you can drink guilt free

Pura Still

We're always being told to drink more water.

You only have to take a quick glance at social media to discover that there seems to be two types of lockdown mentality at the moment.

One being the super health conscious, clean eating, fitness transformation, run 5K for a quarantine glow-up type, and then the other being the 'f**k it, I'm having a drink, what else is there to do?' type.

Whichever you are, both are very much valid right now, but what if you're just looking for the best of both worlds? Can that truly ever exist?

Well, there's a good chance it could do because this 'spiked' still water is a thing, it comes in three different fruity flavours, it's only 90 calories per can and people are even claiming that it helps you dodge a hangover too.

Sounds perfect.

Pura Still

Pura Still 'spiked' water made huge waves in the drinks market back when it first launched in 2018. Sure, it's not going to be for everyone, but it did receive rave reviews and to be honest, it's really not hard to see why.

Not only is it 90 calories per can, but it only contains two grams of cane sugar and comes in three different flavours - mango, blackberry and mandarin orange.

Multi-packs of Pura Still retail in the US at around $9.99, so that equates to just over £8 here in the UK.

Whilst this definitely shouldn't be used as a substitute for actual water, let's just be clear on that, could this really be the key to drinking without a hangover? A way of enjoying a drink without piling on the pounds too?

We'll probably have to try it out and see for ourselves.

It's certainly a top way to stay hydrated, get a little tipsy and continue to live somewhat guilt-free during lockdown, that's for sure.

To keep on top of all the latest updates and stock information, it's best to follow @PuraStill on Twitter and to order online, visit the website here.

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