The Manc - This new Lush cream is a 'miracle cure' for people who can't sleep"

This Lush cream is a ‘miracle cure’ for people who can’t sleep


A new cream by high street store Lush could apparently be the solution to your stressful sleepless nights and it only costs £9.

Lush's Sleepy 'hand and body lotion' has got its users raving about it on social media with one user on Twitter claiming it to be "total magic."

The cream contains "balancing and calming" Lavender Oil, "sweet, heady and floral" Ylang Ylang Oil, "sweetly scented" Tonka Absolute and Oatmeal Infusion.


It was originally intended to be a limited edition product, but came back due to popular demand. It comes in either 95g, which will cost you £9, or you can spend £16 for 215g worth.

The cream and its ingredients are intended to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure which essentially puts you in a more relaxed state, helping you fall asleep more soundly than usual.

Sounds perfect to me. Now all I need to do is stop ordering a kebab an hour before sloping off to bed. Find out more about Sleepy here.

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