The Manc - Vimto candy floss spotted on shelves in Morrisons"

Vimto candy floss spotted on shelves in Morrisons


Vimto, it's a staple in Manchester. Hot or cold, we love it.

Over the years Vimto has come in many shapes and sizes. Liquids and solids. Even as a purchasable scent – but one of the best Vimto products yet has been spotted on Morrisons shelves.

Coming in at only 4 syns (for all you Slimming Worlders) Vimto Candyfloss is definitely a thing and it will only set you back 77p per tub.


On the surface, it looks like a Vimto Pot Noodle, which is exactly what I thought when I first saw it and was slightly disappointed when it wasn't. However, I have a feeling that's probably a bullet dodged for both brands.

The original Vimto recipe – which was invented in 1908 by Noel Nichols right here in Manchester – was first manufactured as a 'health tonic in cordial form' before becoming a carbonated drink decades later.

Vimto monument in Manchester

We're not exactly sure which Morrisons currently stock the little tubs of purple delight, but it's definitely worth checking your local branch.

The pots have also been spotted in Home Bargains and B&M.

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