M&S has launched £2 pre-made poached eggs and shoppers are divided

Oh god it's the cauliflower steaks all over again

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 28th January 2024

This is not just any breakfast, this is a lazy girl M&S breakfast – made with the supermarket’s new pre-poached eggs.

Available to buy in stores now, the ‘Perfectly Poached Eggs’ are splitting opinions with shoppers.

The pre-packaged eggs come in plastic packaging and are sold still floating in water.

All they need is a quick zap in the microwave and they’re ready to pop on a slice of toast.

But the price of M&S poached eggs, and the amount of packaging involved, is ruffling a fair few feathers.


They’re priced at £2 per packet, which is more expensive than most boxes of half-a-dozen eggs.

Shoppers have said that the product is ‘very lazy’, ‘expensive’ and ‘ridiculous’.


One person said: “The world has gone clinically insane.”

Another asked if it ‘costs six eggs’ – which, reader, it does.

It’s had loads of people reminiscing about similar mad M&S products, like the extremely controversial £2.50 cauliflower steaks of 2018.


Another person wrote: “I remember their jam sandwich that cost more than a loaf of bread and jam about 5 odd years ago….has society became that lazy? Is wall-e now a documentary rather than a fun kids film?”

Someone else said: “I’ve taught my children to poach eggs, it’s a basic skill!”

But lots of people have defended the M&S Perfectly Poached Eggs, pointing out that for those with disabilities, it’s not always that straightforward to crack an egg.

One person said: “wtf are these comments. what if someone’s cooker broke down and they need to eat, or they’ve got mobility problems and can’t cook, etc etc. there are many reasons these could be useful.”

Another pointed out they’d be ‘good for carers to deliver a healthy meal to clients when time constraints are in place’.


But it still seems like this comment sums up the mood of the nation… “What the heck is this.”

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Featured image: The Manc Group