Shopping delivery drivers will wear ‘happy to chat about the game’ badges to tackle loneliness this summer

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Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 19th June 2024

Shopping delivery drivers are to wear special badges that say ‘happy to chat about the game’ this summer.

Ahead of what is set to be a busy summer of sport, with events such as Wimbledon, the Olympics, and of course, UEFA Euro 2024 – which has already kicked off, and is now well underway – in the calendar, one of the UK’s leading supermarket retailers has decided to relaunch its popular ‘Happy to Chat’ initiative over the next couple of months.

This means that Asda delivery drivers will be given the option to add a new element to their uniform, a badge with the words ‘Happy to Chat about the game’, so they can let customers know they’re up for having a quick chat with them about all the sporting action whilst their shopping is being delivered.

And it’s all in a bid to help tackle loneliness.

If you’re unfamiliar with Asda’s ‘Happy to Chat’ initiative, it was first launched as a trial back in November 2020, before being made a permanent fixture after it was recognised that delivery drivers formed a lifeline for some people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – with almost a quarter (23%) of customers admitting they were only interacting with people once a week, many of whom were delivery drivers.


But now, the supermarket has relaunched the scheme as part of a wider campaign aiming to unite people all ages this summer, especially those who love sport.

It comes after Asda already grabbed headlines last week with the launch of its dedicated ‘Nanzones’ – including one here in Manchester, at the Eastlands store – at more than 100 stores across the UK, which are designed especially for residents over the age of 65 to gather and watch the Euros together in a safe and supportive environment, instead of being at home on their own.


The retailer says its sport-themed twist on the ‘Happy to Chat’ initiative is all about “encouraging conversation and interaction” amongst its older customer base.

“This summer, we want to ensure we are keeping the conversations going with our older customers, especially as one of our drivers maybe the only person they interact with that day,” explained Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, David Hills, as the initiative relaunched this week.

“This badge is a symbol of our colleagues continued friendly and approachable service, which can make such a difference to those that don’t have much contact with others.


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“We want to make sure that, whether it’s in our stores, at the doorstep, or in the community, we’re here for customers this summer.”

Featured Image – Asda