You’ve got less than a month to grab tickets for 90s Baby 2023, the biggest pop night of the year

Always one of the best events on the city's calendar, without fail. (this article contains affiliate links)

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 6th October 2023

One of the biggest nights of live music in Manchester this year, the 90s Baby festival, is just around the corner and there are still some tickets left if you want to take a stroll down memory lane to some of the most iconic pop tracks of all time.

For anyone uninitiated in this huge celebration of ’90s and early 2000s that has now become a fixture of the Manc music calendar, 90s Baby is a day-long festival packed with non-stop chart-topping performances from pop icons past and present.

Tapping into that unmistakable era of commercial music when this city was on top when it came to pretty much every genre (I mean, we’d obviously argue we still are but that’s a conversation for a different day), the annual event sells out religiously, and we expect this year will be no different.

That being said, we thought we’d give you a nudge and hopefully an extra chance at getting your hands on some tickets if it is your cup of tea. With a lineup like this, how could it not be?

Yes, not only will Mancs be treated to 90s favourites like Peter Andre, Boyzlife, East 17 and Five, but also a number of nostalgic Noughties too, such as boyband Blue, Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, Jamelia, Blazin’ Squad and many more.


There’s even going to be a DJ set by H from Steps. Say no more.

Promising the most authentic and immersive old-school music experience you could hope for, you’ll get to relive the decade and remember countless artists that you’d forgotten just how much you loved.


Gigs inside the AO Arena are always a blast anyway, but very few rival you and 15,000 others being part of a throwback festival, completely with impressive light displays, dancers, confetti, glitter and all the rest of it. How could you say no? They even held a summer event back in July.

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With more than 20 different artists set to take the stage, it doesn’t matter whether you lived through it the first time around, or are just keen to know why it was such a special time for music and Manchester, there is no better way to experience them than at the biggest and best 90s Baby event to date.

The festival takes place on Saturday, 28 October, starting at 4pm and running right through till the evening. Available to anyone 14 and above, prices start from just £39.50 for a whole evening of music.


You can grab your 90s Baby tickets now from Skiddle or via SeeTickets now.

We will 100% be seeing you there.

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Featured Image — Supplied/Press Image/90s Baby (via Instagram)