Hooch has brought back its classic orange flavour just in time for summer

The return of Orange Hooch is perfect for both new customers and original Hooch-lovers "in search of nostalgic flavours".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 10th June 2022

One of the original Hooch flavours has arrived back on shop shelves around the UK, and it already looks set to be the “drink of the summer”.

With the sunshine season right around the corner now, and coming off the back of the success of the popular Pink Hooch raspberry lemonade – which was one of the best-selling tipples of 2020 and 2021 – drinks manufacturer Global Brands has revealed that the Hooch ready-to-drink range is expanding once again.

And this time round, a much-loved favourite is being brought back into the mix after it was discontinued back in 2016.

Made with natural juices and a sharp burst of citrus, Hooch has always prided itself on being the refreshing “no nonsense” alcoholic brew that’s ideal for drinks-lovers who like to have a bit of fun and not take life too seriously.

The star of the Hooch ready-to-drink range may have always been the original lemon brew, but the range also features a passionfruit and mango sidekick, and Hoola Hooch for “when times get tropical”, as well as the most-recent Pink Hooch raspberry lemonade flavour – and now, Orange Hooch is here to join the party.


The pre-mixed drink is bound to become one of the go-to drinks to sip on this summer, and not only because orange is one of the trending spirit flavours of the moment, but also as Hooch sales are known to sky-rocket by a whopping 41% when the sun is shining.

It’s perfect for both new customers and original Hooch-lovers “in search of nostalgic flavours”.


“Orange Hooch has been a much-loved and missed flavour from the OG line-up,” explained Charlie Leaver – Head of Brand at Global Brands.

“There is no straight-forward alcoholic carbonated orange drink in the UK market, and as a brand, we pride ourselves on continuing to create great tasting liquids with a zesty zing… [so] it’s the perfect time to give consumers what they want.”

A 70cl bottle of Orange Hooch will set you back just £3.59.


It’s now available to get your hands on online here, as well as from a number of other retailers including Costco, Heron, and selected branches of Spar, Premier, and GoLocal – with more expected to start stocking soon.

The highly-anticipated launch of the drink will hit Tesco stores nationwide on 25 July 2022.

Featured Image – The Manc Group