A Manchester city centre clinic is offering a pioneering non-invasive facial refresher treatment

We went along to see what the deal is and were pretty impressed by the whole process, to be honest.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 27th March 2024

Listen, we all have those days where we look in the mirror and don’t feel our best, but for many of us the prospect of things like botox and dermal filler can be understandably daunting — so it’s a good job there’s now a pioneering new alternative to facial treatments right here in Manchester.

SkinViva Clinic over at St John’s Court in the city centre has been offering a wide variety of both non-surgical cosmetic and anti-ageing skin treatments across North West since 2008, and their latest facial refresher package offers a unique service here in 0161.

Known simply as ‘NeoGen‘, this non-invasive treatment simultaneously targets multiple aspects of the health and appearance of people’s skin using unique Nitrogen Plasma Technology, an approach that few clinics in Manchester currently offer and is distinct from most other traditional skin treatments.

Most importantly for many people who are typically hesitant when it comes to facial treatments, it’s worth reiterating that you receive a pre-consultation before you even get started and this is a strictly no-needle procedure.

What is NeoGen?

Using medical-grade nitrogen gas to create pulses of Nitrogen Plasma, a controlled thermal energy is created and can be precisely delivered to the skin and can improve things like wrinkles and lines around the eye areas, skin tightening, as well as acne and pigmentation issues across all skin types.


Once again, SkinViva is one of the first and only clinics in central Manchester to offer this new treatment and allows clients to walk away feeling younger and fresher without changing the shape of their face. The answer still hasn’t changed either: not a single needle in sight.

Better still, not only can the procedure – which can only be carried out by fully qualified skin and medical practitioners, by the way – help get rid of those fine lines, wrinkles and the little things that might bother you about your appearance, but it also helps stimulate skin regeneration and renewal.


Promoting collagen production for a tighter, smoother and younger-looking complexion, this exclusive facial treatment isn’t just hard to find anywhere in Manchester, it also has results that are estimated to last up to a full year afterwards – i.e. much longer than the likes of botox and fillers.


Do I need a consultation before treatment?

  • We would always recommend having a consultation before treatment. The consultation will be with either the Skin Therapist or Clinician, depending on what package is booked. 
  • Consultation and treatment can be done in the same appointment; however, a patch test will be needed for clients having over 1.2 joules on their first treatment. 

How many treatments will I need?

  • The number of treatments will depend on your skin type, skin condition and results sought. The before and after photographs give guidance on the level of skin improvement of real clients showing the number of treatments, weeks after treatments and the energy levels used.
  • This number of sessions will be discussed during your initial consultation and there will be various packages offered to suit your individual needs and expectations.

Is the procedure painful?

  • During your low-energy treatment, you might feel a slight discomfort. After treatment, it has been reported that many clients feel the skin is warm and radiating a little heat, not dissimilar to the feeling of sunburn. 
  • For high-energy treatments, your practitioner will advise on pain management options.

What will my skin look like?

  • A layer of your skin will not be removed during treatment but depending on the type of treatment you have received; the outer layer of treated skin will eventually start to flake or peel. Your provider will tell you when you should expect to see this happen. 
  • Some areas of your skin will appear pink in colour. This normal post-procedure condition is called erythema. Your provider will advise you on how long this is expected to last.

Is there a downtime after treatment?

  • At the lower energy, there is minimal downtime, and it can even be performed during your lunch hour for you to return to work afterwards. 
  • At high energy, downtime is between 5 and 7 days. 

How long will results last?

  • The results of a NeoGen treatment are long-lasting and the improvements can continue to develop for up to 12 months

What is the difference between treatments with the Skin Therapist compared to the Clinician?

  • The difference is the energy levels available for use: Skin therapists can only go up to 1.4 joules and clinicians can use 0–4 joules if deemed necessary.
They’ve even had celebrities like Shirley Ballas benefit from the treatment — you can read about her experience HERE.

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As always with this sort of thing, we obviously urge you to go away and do your research about NeoGen and you can always head over to SkinViva’s website to find out more information about the treatment.

They’re offering a 30% discount on first-time NeoGen treatments to the first 30 people who claim the offer on the non-invasive new treatment, as well as a variety of other non-surgical aesthetic treatments and injectables if trypanophobia (yep, fear of needles) isn’t a problem for you.

At the end of the day, every single one of you is beautiful, we all know that, but if you feel like a small facial treatment could you give a confidence boost and feel even a little bit better, then maybe give the SkinViva Clinic in Manchester a gander.

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