Six By Nico’s new ‘Mad Hatter’-themed six-course tasting menu is straight out of a fairytale

As magical on the palate as it sounds on paper.

Harry Quick Harry Quick - 15th January 2024

The extravagance of Alice in Wonderland is coming to Six By Nico on Deansgate; explore a world of curiosity and adventure through their creative six-course menu, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

For the next phase of popular city centre restaurant’s latest series of six-course tasting menu, which changes each and every month, the chefs over at Nico have followed up their previous ‘Street Food’ selection with something truly magical.

It’s a showcase of food fantasy, fusing first-class fine dining with storytelling that Lewis Carroll would approve of. You can take your tastebuds on this culinary exploration for a limited time only, cooking this limited menu between 15 January and 25 February.

Here’s what you can expect.

The trip down the rabbit hole begins by expertly combining mushroom tea, smoked bacon jam, truffle parmesan royale, pickled walnut and a Keen’s cheddar scone.


This is followed by the aptly named ‘The White Rabbit’ featuring a rabbit, chicken and date ballotine, beef fat roasted carrot, tarragon pesto, rabbit Bolognese and carrot ketchup. Fitting and delicious.

For course three, guests will enjoy ‘Paint the Roses Red’: a charming combination of sweet and savoury consists of a goats’ cheese mousseline, baby beetroot, garden radish, kalamata olive soil and red apple caramel.


Course four, ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’, is by name by nature. Roasted black pollock is the star of the show, accompanied by a miso glaze, bonito emulsion, white turnip puree, pickled Tokyo turnip and Dashi broth.

Course five is fit for a queen… ‘Off with Its Head!’ Pork belly is paired with choucroute, apple gel, pig head croquette, cauliflower and sauce charcuterie.

If you are looking to go the extra mile the roasted scallop with black pudding, pickled celeriac and lovage emulsion is an optional add-on (£9).


To finish we go to a sweet showstopper named after the lady herself. ‘The Queen of Hearts’ is naturally shaped as a glossy red heart where a white chocolate mousse is joined by red velvet cake, raspberries and pecan brittle.

As beatiful in taste as it is in appearance.

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Delectable and affordable, the menu is priced at £39, which will no doubt have you smiling like a Cheshire cat. You can also indulge in an expertly selected wine and specialist drinks pairing for an additional £30.

As mentioned, this ever-evolving restaurant concept changes its menu every six weeks, with dishes inspired by places, memories or imagination, so if this spread sounds up your street, get in while you can and keep your eyes peeled for whatever they come up with next.

Alice famously said, “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it” — we sincerely advise you to take this recommendation on board.


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