Manchester’s dining scene has been named among the top 10 food and drink trends for 2024

It's going to be another massive year for Manchester.

Harry Quick Harry Quick - 15th January 2024

In case it wasn’t already abundantly obvious, Manchester is absolutely mint at food — but don’t just take our word for it, as the latest raft of food and drink trend predictions for 2024 from Restaurant Magazine has put us right up there too.

It’s fair to say Manchester has come a long way in the last decade in terms of our culinary exports, many of which have now seen our city cemented as one of the most exciting cities to eat out in the UK.

That’s one claim we’ll have to agree with, but it’s clear that we are now well truly putting ourselves on the global culinary map too.

In the recent article which outlines 11 food and drink trend predictions for the year ahead, Manchester as a whole has been highlighted with an expectation to break even more new ground.

Whilst we’ve come a long way from pub grub smothered in gravy and a simple chippy tea, the gastronomic boom won’t be turning a blind eye to our hearty northern dinner plates of yesteryear.


The magazine highlights how the city has “come of age” when it comes to ‘haute cuisine’, as well as some of the top talent set to open in the new year, including the highly anticipated launch of Skof.

Former executive chef of Simon Rogan’s three-Michelin-starred L’Enclume, creator Tom Barnes is set to bring the city’s second Michelin star with his debut solo project.


Hailing from the North West, Barnes understands the heartbeat of the region and Manchester, with a vision to create an unpretentious yet ambitious dining experience in the North.

Restaurant Mag iterated the head chef’s intentions, “Manchester is a buzzy city. We want to offer amazing food but we also want people to relax and have a laugh and not feel intimidated.”

They also eagerly mention the summer launch of Kurt Zdesar’s Chotto Matte, which underlines the cultural exchange between Japan and Peru in each dish, as well as Soho House located within the old Granada Studios in the heart of the city.


Other big news for Manchester in the dining space is the Michelin star revelation ceremony for Great Britain and Ireland is also taking place right here in the city centre at none other than the Midland Hotel on 5 February.

Essentially the equivalent of the Chanel show coming to town only in the fine dining world, this gives a subtle hint that the coveted culinary award could be heading somewhere in the city.

Our ever-evolving city already saw the likes of major players Higher Ground and Fenix settle in recently, so the magazine has all the more reason to suggest Manchester is a must-visit on the culinary map.

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