VK have asked the UK to come up with their newest flavour — and some of your creations are unreal

And by unreal, we mean that in every sense of the word...

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 5th March 2024

VK, the popular British brand of alcopops, has given the UK the task of coming up with their newest flavour and we think it’s safe to say you lot fit into one of two camps: absolute tastemakers or total tastebud villains.

Perhaps one of the nation’s most iconic beverages, alcoholic or otherwise — one which immediately drums up those memories of house parties and those first nights out — we’ve got a lot of love for VK and we can’t think of a single flavour we don’t like, to be honest.

That being said, as part of the latest phase in their ‘We Are Flavour’ campaign, the OG alcopop dynasty is looking to spice up their selection and decided that asking us Brits to come up with the best, most unique and frankly questionable combinations possible was the best idea. Hmm…

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of weird entries (a lot). Here are just a few of them.

VK flavour competition
Ok, whoever simply said anchovies, you should be declared an enemy of the state. (Credit: VK)

From steak bakes and sausage rolls to pineapple pizza and just garlic, the nation has declared a list of both delicious and some downright delusional flavours they would like to see immortalised in a bottle of VK, with a whopping 4,637 flavours submitted by more than 5,000 fans.


However, it was all ridiculous; there were plenty of fittingly throwback flavour suggestions too, including candy floss, bubblegum and the good old Cherry Bakewell. You can sign us up for all of these, please.

While all of these would undoubtedly make for a tasty something to sip on this summer, they didn’t quite make the top four. The people have spoken and the final four battling it out to win are as follows:

  • Apple and Blackcurrant – it’s giving legend, classic, ‘can’t believe we didn’t think of it’.
  • Pineapple and Coconut – it’s giving extraverted, summer holiday, pina colada etc. 
  • Peach and Lychee – it’s giving bougie, pink, living your best life and ‘I’ve done a bit of travelling’.
  • Lemon and Lime – it’s giving zesty, tried and tested, lust for life, authentically yourself.

To be honest, we’d be buzzing with absolutely any of these as the winner of the newest VK flavour competition but whoever emerges victorious is entirely up to you.

These would all slot in very well with the already nostalgic lineup.

Daniella Mulvey, Senior Brand Manager at VK, said: “The response to the voting has been brilliant, with some fantastic flavour suggestions – and other, more questionable ones that aren’t suitable for print! It’s definitely brought some laughs to the VK offices.

“We can’t wait to see which flavour our fans select as the new addition to the VK Flavour Vault. For your chance to decide which drink you have in your hand while dancing at the club or when catching up with your mates at the pub, make sure to get your vote in!”


Fans can vote for their fave flave right up until Friday, 15 March and the winner will join the likes of OG Blue, Orange and Passionfruit, as well as Tropical Fruits on shelves in the VK lineup. 

To make things even more exciting, one lucky entrant will be selected to win a weekend city break for them and three mates along with tickets to the exclusive flavour reveal party. As if you needed any more reason to take part.

Pick your winner HERE. Terms and conditions apply — see more info on the VK website.

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