The other Euros list: 10 alternative/family-friendly places to watch the tournament in Manchester

For when you want to venture beyond your front room but fancy running the risk of being covered in pints.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 17th June 2024

It’s official, we’ve been fully hit with Euros fever and we cannot wait for a full summer of watching the games and hopefully with plenty of sun, but a lot of people are still on the hunt for family-friendly places to watch the action here in Manchester.

The fact is, the idea of piling into a busy boozer or fan zone and waiting for a sea of pints to be thrown into the air isn’t for everyone (as much as many of us love the carnage) and tournament time can often feel dominated by the ‘lads, lads, lads’ vibe but the beautiful game is famously for everyone.

With that being said, we’ve put together a quick list of places to watch the football in Manchester this Euros season that are perhaps a bit quieter, more kid-friendly or just a bit less boozy than you might find at most other pubs or fan parks.

Let’s kick off then, shall we?

10 places for kids and families to watch the Euro 2024 in Manchester

1. Nell’s – Kampus

First up is local pizza legends Nell’s and their waterside site over at Kampus. It may be another one you possibly weren’t expecting but who doesn’t love munching on pizza whilst you watch the game?


Kampus has turned into one of the city’s coolest little corners, and with a beautiful almost jungle-like beer garden and terrace there to soak up the rays, if you’re wondering where is best to spend your time before and after the Euros games you might already have your answer here.

2. King Pins – Arndale and Trafford Palazzo

Arguably one of the most family-friendly options for those hoping to watch with their kids or maybe just find a less rowdy option with plenty of activities beyond sitting and watching the game itself, the brand new King Pins site in Manchester’s Arndale Centre is also screening the England matches this year.


As our very own Will says, this place has virtually everything under one roof, including a whole summer of footy. What more could you ask for?

3. PizzaLuxe – Arndale and Manchester Aiport

Another left-field one you most likely won’t have been expecting to be showing the footy this tournament season is PizzaLuxe but after nipping along for a few slices, a pint and a casual mid-week 2pm kick-off (don’t worry, the boss approved), we can confirm it’s a great little alternative.

With the stylish Arndale lunchtime spot showing every game right throughout the competition and the full menu of pizza, fresh sides and salads on offer, it makes for a great central location to catch a game and they even have a site at Manchester Airport in case you happen to find yourself in the terminal one.


4. Almost Famous – Great Northern and Withington

Next up is another old faithful favourite of any local foodie and that’s Almost Famous, who happen to be showing the Three Lions at the Great Northern and Withington sites here in Manchester

With the latter receiving a raft of support from locals after it faced potential closure, the burger pros are back to doing what they do best, only with the added perk of screening all the action plus some seriously good deals on pints, cocktails and more.

5. Hard Rock Cafe – Printworks

For another foodie and family-friendly place to watch the Euros in Manchester, the city’s resident Hard Rock Cafe over in Printworks is another reliable option if you want the guarantee of a screen, a great value-for-money matchday meal and a lively but less rowdy atmosphere.

Showing every England group game – and hopefully all the knockout fixtures – and even serving up the official Messi Chicken Sandwich (we know he doesn’t play in Europe but still), you won’t go far wrong. Booking advised.

6. King Street Townhouse

Getting into the second half now and this one’s for those people who are essentially looking to recreate the comfort of their front room only with room for all their friends and family to get involved too.


King Street Townhouse‘s secret cinema has been a cult favourite for a while now it also happens to be one of the coolest and cosiest places for a quieter, more bespoke way to watch the games this summer.

One of the most family-friendly and personalised places to watch the Euros in Manchester.

7. Festival of Football – Freight Island

At the other end of the spectrum, if you still want somewhere with plenty of atmosphere but that’s fundamentally safe and welcomes a family-oriented crowd, this year’s ‘Festival of Football’ over in Mayfield is a great shout.

Don’t get us wrong, there’ll be plenty of limbs and all the rest of it in the main room, but the more reserved Plant Room has been turned into a dedicated family space for all ages. With full coverage, heaters and its own bar, it’s a floral little hideaway where you can still cheer on the boys. Book HERE.

8. GRUB/Fairfield Social Club

In the heart of the midfield, you’ll find GRUB and Fairfield Social Club’s approach to screening the Euros one of the most inviting in the city too, with plenty of scope for the adults to have a good time with a few bevs, but whilst still ensuring an accessible atmosphere for everyone to come along.

We often see kids running around the terrace over at GRUB, and with one of the biggest dedicated screens in Manchester (yes, seriously); better still, if you book, you’ll automatically get 10% off the bar whilst the games are on. Sorted. You can get in touch with them on socials or via email for more info.


9. Bundobust

Another nice middle ground between a beer hall and a more relaxed fan zone is Bundobust, who are once again showing the games this Euros and serving up arguably some of the most flavourful scran you’ll ever tuck into whilst the footy is on.

With bookings available and lots of football-themed specials including The Vindaloo Pie collab with Great North Pie Co. and ‘The Fat Les’ pie barm (a.k.a. a Wigan kebab), not mention plenty to sip in, the risk you run is being so distracted by the food that you forget to look up and watch the match.

10. Cafe Football – Hotel Football

Lastly, just a tram ride away from the city centre or a short journey in the car, Hotel Football’s in-house cafe over in Trafford is perhaps one of the most family-friendly places to watch the Euros you’ll find anywhere in Greater Manchester.

Sitting just next door to the Theatre of Dreams, the day-time side of the local hotel, cafe and bar is fittingly serving a wide variety of food from around the globe; there’s an ice cream and sweet service on offer for little ones, as well as special competitions throughout Euro 2024. You can enquire HERE.

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We hope you found this list of more family-friendly places helpful and you can of course find some other gems on our full where to watch the Euros in Manchester list – either way, we just hope you enjoy this year’s tournament and please oh please spare us penalties, footballing gods.


Not to tempt fate but we really do believe it’s coming home this time (famous last words).

And for one last honourable mention, we simply had to give a shout-out to what no has to be our favourite British supermarket chain thanks to their lovely initiative to make sure the elderly have somewhere comfortable to watch Euro 2024 as well.

So wholesome.

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