Leeds fan buys £500 Man United ticket at charity auction simply to burn it

That's one way to try and reignite the rivalry.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 25th April 2023

A Leeds United fan has gone viral after buying a Manchester United ticket at a charity auction for no reason other than to burn it.

Now, we know some football fans will go to great lengths to express their dislike for other teams and their supporters, but not many are willing to whack £500 on a hospitality ticket for a game at their historic rivals’ home ground simply to set it on fire.

The clip is taken from a charity auction where the expensive United seats were put on the list as a joke, with the man who bid on them presumably only ever having one thing in his mind.

As you can see, once the A4 piece of paper with the tickets apparently printed on them is set alight, the room full of Leeds fans begins shouting their usual “we are Leeds!” chant and applauding. Football’s a funny old game at times, isn’t it?

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Football fans are used to burning lots of money going to games, just not quite like this.


Naturally, it’s split opinion on social media, with many Peacocks (or fans who simply don’t like Man United) leaving comments like “fully endorse this”, “good work” and “500 quid goes to charity. Don’t see the problem”.

However, plenty of United fans labelled it “embarrassing” and “pathetic”, dubbing it “another made-up rivalry that one team gives no f**** about” and calling Leeds supporters the “oddest fan base on the planet”.


Many also noted that the tickets could have been donated to a young fan, someone who is ill or simply couldn’t otherwise afford to go to the game. On the other hand, it literally just likes like an A4 copy of the tickets, so it’s not like they couldn’t always print out another set.

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Featured Image — @dwlufc88 (via Twitter)