Angela Rayner absolutely savages troll who criticised her upbringing

Respectfully, sit back down.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 11th April 2023

Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner has absolutely destroyed an internet troll after an ignorant social media post regarding her upbringing.

Rayner was the subject of a tweet targeting both herself and Sir Keir Starmer as the Labour leadership and potentially future Prime Minister and second-in-command. Then, in the replies underneath the initial tweet, an account made a rather judgemental remark about her childhood and upbringing.

While the post itself called the pair “fools” and compared entrusting them with the nation to hitting the “self-destruct button” and “leaving a note for the milkman”, the reply went on to criticise the Ashton MP for getting pregnant as a teenager and leaving school “with not even one GCSE”.

Fortunately, Rayner’s clap-back was pretty much spot on.

Angela Rayner 1-0 Random troll.

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The Stockport-born politician served up a quick reminder as to why you should never jump to judge someone for their upbringing and simply on the basis of decisions they made when they were younger.


As she noted in the perfect reply, the 43-year-old “turned her life around, put herself forward to serve [the party and the country] – and was elected”.

She went on to state that “too many people are told they’re not good enough and get held back from fulfilling their potential”, adding, “I’m proud of who I am.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


It isn’t the first time someone has come for her for absolutely no good reason and simply shown themselves up either:

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Featured Image — 70023venus2009 (via Flickr)/Angela Rayner (via Twitter)