Manchester City complete the treble after winning first Champions League trophy

An almost inevitable Premier League comeback, a Manchester Derby FA Cup victory and now a first Champions League. What a year it's been for the Blues.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 10th June 2023

Manchester City have done the incredible by winning the hallowed treble, winning not only this year’s Premier League title but the FA Cup and now the club’s first-ever Champions League trophy.

Despite being considered favourites by most coming into the Champions League final against Inter Milan, Man City previously hadn’t won a European trophy since the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1970 and have been pushing hard for a first UCL title ever since Pep Guardiola joined the club.

Beating Inter 1-0, the Blues had their eyes well and truly focused on glory all night and, given the kind of football they have once again played this season, managed to do what many had already begun to accept as inevitable for a team of this talent.

This is just the 10th time in history that anyone has won the treble, with City becoming part of an exclusive club comprised of just seven other teams to have ever achieved the impressive feat — their historic rivals Manchester United, obviously, being one of them.

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Now though, that 1999 team has some serious contention when it comes to the greatest of all time, as Pep adds yet another truly remarkable season to his belt.


Not only is that Manchester City’s first Champions League trophy but it’s Guardiola’s third in his career, having finally broken the duck of not winning a European title at anywhere but Barcelona.

However, it looks like that sticking point is now well and truly behind him, with this year’s UCL title making it 35 major honours in 15 years as a manager.


Not only will the Spaniard undoubtedly go down as one of if not the greatest manager of all time, but this current generation of City players show no signs of slowing down and are certain to win countless more trophies. Congratulations and enjoy the party Blues — it’s going to be unforgettable!

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Featured Image — Manchester City (via Twitter)