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Storm Isha causes chaos with flights from Manchester diverted all over Europe

Ryanair really putting the miles in with this storm...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 22nd January 2024

Passengers on board flights from Manchester last night found themselves hundreds of miles away from their intended destinations as Storm Isha battered the country.

Some people who were meant to be taking the short trip across to Dublin ended up in Paris, while others bound for London wound up all the way in Budapest.

Those of us on solid ground when the storm brought gusts up to 99mph were watching the chaos unfold through Flight Radar, watching planes running circles around runways.

Pilots were forced to abort landings due to the powerful winds, changing their destinations to some pretty drastic locations around Europe.

One flight left Manchester at 2.35pm yesterday, bound for Dublin – but FR555 ended up circling several times over the Irish Sea before giving up and landing somewhere else.


But the poor stricken pilot was only able to land the Ryanair plane all the way in Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport, just before 5pm.

Another flight was due to travel from Copenhagen to Dublin, but had to divert to Manchester, where it sat on the runway for four hours.


Then on its next attempt to Dublin, it had to divert again, eventually ending up in Liverpool some three hours later. Ah.

Perhaps the most drastic of all was the plane that left Budapest bound for London Stansted, got diverted to Manchester, tried again to land in London, missed again, and went all the way back to Budapest.

The internet’s reaction to Storm Isha’s travel chaos has been superb, as usual.


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