Manchester is apparently set for an ‘invasion’ of stag parties in 2024

Well, at least we've been warned.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 19th January 2024

Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, and now… Manchester?

Jetting off to some of Europe’s cheapest capital cities for a boozy night out with your mates before tying the knot is pretty common-place in the world of stag do culture nowadays – but in 2024, all that could be set to change, as some new statistics are seeming to show that grooms might not need to travel quite as far for their one last hurrah.

That’s because, according to dedicated stag party planning platform, StagWeb, some of the UK’s biggest cities are set to be popular places this year instead – and Manchester is right near the top of the list.

That’s right, Manchester is apparently set for “a huge influx” of stag parties in 2024.

StagWeb’s recent search data has identified that our city is set to be a more popular choice than classic stag party hotspots like Newcastle, Cardiff, and Dublin this year.


Back in 2023, Manchester didn’t even feature in the Top 10 most popular UK destinations for stag parties, but this year, it’s a different story, as the city has claimed the fifth spot on the list, and is only right behind Bristol, Edinburgh, Brighton, and fellow North West city Liverpool.

The spike in stags heading to the Manchester is said to be due to the city’s “ever-growing party reputation”, according to StagWeb, but also a move away from traditional stag do destinations – which has been appearing as a trend in recent years.


Luke McFarlane, who is StagWeb’s Manchester specialist, said our city is “one of the most up-and-coming stag cities in the country”.

Top 10 most popular UK destinations for stag parties in 2024

  1. Bristol
  2. Liverpool
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Brighton
  5. Manchester
  6. Newcastle
  7. Cardiff
  8. Bournemouth
  9. Birmingham
  10. Nottingham

He explained that it’s due to “the variety of nightlife and activities on offer”.

“You can party on a budget,” he continued, “plus it has the opportunity to go big if people want to, so it’s got something for everyone.


“There’s a massive range of unique activities available too – from the insanely-popular Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience, to wrestling schools, and things like the National Football Museum to keep the guys occupied.”

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Well, what do we think to this then? At least we’ve been warned.

Featured Image – Bernard Borno (via Wikimedia Commons)