You can propose with Premier League-inspired engagement rings – and they’re actually pretty good

No, we're not joking — some of they are actually half-decent.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 15th December 2023

AI is a crazy thing that continues to freak us out at times and it seems it can do almost anything at this point – including creating unique designs for engagement rings inspired by your favourite football teams, apparently.

If you can think of it, someone’s done it using artificial intelligence.

That’s right, popular bookmakers Betway have created a unique football team-inspired engagement ring design for each one of this year’s 20 Premier League teams and, much to our surprise, a lot of them are actually pretty nice.

For instance, here’s a glimpse at the engagement ring for Manchester City:

football inspired engagement ring
A football-inspired engagement ring might sound a bit tacky but that isn’t half bad. (Credit: Betway/Edward Fleming)

Big and bold, just like those who sing ‘Blue Moon’ when their boys are out on the pitch. This design doesn’t have any feature relating to the treble-winning campaign but the centre does give a subtle nod to the Lancashire rose featured on City’s crest and it’s genuinely quite cool overall.


Another aspect of this AI project that we were quite impressed by, besides the genuinely plausible concept art, is that Betway also worked with jeweller Edward Fleming to reveal the materials, stones and styles of each club in order to create each bespoke ring on request.

Fleming even helped value these hypothetical pieces of jewellery based on their components; for example, Man City’s nine-carat white gold aquamarine ring would come in at just £1,000, whereas if you were to swap the gem for a blue diamond, you’re talking a hundred times that amount.


But what about the red side of Manchester? Well, United‘s is predictably a much more devilish design with horned elements and ‘gothic’ influences, as well as a dark ruby stone which puts it as the second most expensive ring on the list, valued at around £30,000.

man united wedding ring
Liverpool boasted the most expensive ring on the list worth around £70k, with West Ham and Fulham coming in joint-third for a £10k rock.

You can see the full list of rings and how they look HERE.

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We’ve already seen what AI can drum up when it comes to the greatest Premier League starting 11 of all time, we just never thought we’d be talking about what those teams would look like in jewellery form.


Technology, eh?

Nevertheless, red, blue or otherwise, if you were ever debating to make somewhat of a Premier League proposal, at least you’ve now got some ideas for what you want the ring to look like.

It’s not the only AI take on something Manchester-related that we’ve been impressed with recently either — it’ll take a crack at anything.

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Featured Images — Betway/Edward Fleming