Americans seem to ‘think they invented’ crisp butties and Brits can’t believe it

"Crisps? In sandwiches? Groundbreaking."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 4th May 2023

In what seems to be next up in the long-running culture war between America and Britain, it’s time to discuss a culinary classic.

We’re talking about crisp butties, of course.

It seems to be every couple of months or so that Americans hop on social media to either slag off our cuisine, or to try and claim something Brits that would consider to be quintessentially British as theirs own.

Case and point – you might remember the internet erupting last year when Americans had a few choice words to say about our classic fry-up breakfasts, and even tried to recreate their own. Or when over on Reddit, Americans just couldn’t seem to believe their eyes when they discovered what British “face meats” were – also known as Billy Bear Ham to us.

And now, it seems like the New York Times is trying to make it out like it’s just discovered the art of putting crisps – or chips, as Americans call them – on a sandwich.


“Making a sandwich? Put chips in it,” a post to the NYT Cooking Instagram reads.

Emblazoned over a picture of a rather posh looking crisp butty, the post then expands on the initial statement, and goes on to explain why “putting chips” in a sandwich is a good idea, adding that: “Beyond crunch, chips also add stability, holding the fillings in place as you eat.”


Posted over a week ago now, the post on the NYT Cooking Instagram has amassed well over 80,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Comments under the post – which is all to promote a Tuna Crunch Sandwich recipe by New York Times bestselling food author, J. Kenji López-Alt – range from people seeming impressed at the concept of “chips” on a sandwich, to others sarcastically calling the publication out for their “groundbreaking” idea, and, of course, from Brits confused as to why Americans think crisp butties are their creation.

America seems to ‘think they invented’ crisp butties and Brits can’t believe it / Credit: MuhamadIksan (via Pixabay)

“Chips? In sandwiches? Groundbreaking,” one comment reads on Instagram.


Another person sarcastically commented: “What’s next? Dip a cookie in milk?” while a third added: “Omg such a revelation. So brave to post such a thing. Next up, bacon on just about anything,” and a fourth person said: “Really? We’ve been doing this since the 80s.

“Up next, we have discovered the secret to the ultimate peanut butter sandwich – it’s jelly,” another comical comment read.

One person went on to ask the question everyone was thinking: “Is this meant to be something new? We’ve been doing this since we were 6.”

On top of American confusion, Brits also took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation when a now-viral repost of the picture was shared by popular Twitter comedy account No Context Brits with the caption: “Americans thinking they invented the crisp butty.”

“I don’t know why they’re pretending that’s a new idea,” one person commented.


Another confused comment reads: “I’ve been doing this since I was able to make my own sandwiches”, while actual Walkers Crisps got in on the action too.

“Awww bless them,” Walkers replied.

Deliveroo even chimed in on the conversation, saying: “Wait until they hear about sausage rolls.”

On the flip side, America also seems to have discovered the No Context Brits repost and has taken to firing shots the fact we call it a ‘crisp butty’.

But that’s an argument for a different day.

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