Biscoff McFlurrys and Chicken Big Macs are coming back to the McDonald’s menu

OH, and there's a new Biscoff Frappe too... stunning.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 3rd April 2024

The Biscoff McFlurry and Chicken Big Mac are both returning to the McDonald’s menu across the UK in a couple of weeks time.

Easter has been and gone now, and so it’s sadly time to wave goodbye to the legendary Creme Egg McFlurry for another year – but thankfully, when we have to part ways with one ice cream dessert, McDonald’s usually comes through with another to replace it and fill the McFlurry-shaped hole in fast food fans’ hearts.

And what better way to fill that hole than with the long-awaited return of the now equally-legendary Biscoff McFlurry?

After being released to serious fanfare for the first time in the UK last June, and undeniably going down a treat, with countless Maccies customers having been calling for its return ever since, the fast food chain has now announced that the Biscoff McFlurry will be making a long-awaited comeback later this month.

It’s return is alongside a handful of other returning favourites and even some exciting newbies too.


Returning for a limited time, and setting you back just £1.99 for the full size or £1.59 for the mini, the Biscoff McFlurry features a Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumb swirled onto the soft serve ice cream to give it that extra crunchy taste.

Another popular product making an eagerly-awaited return is the beloved Chicken Big Mac, while some other returning gems include the Galaxy Caramel Pie, and the Galaxy McFlurry to accompany it.


When it comes to new menu additions, customers can tuck into the new Quarter Pounder Deluxe for £4.89, which is a take on the classic Quarter Pounder and features a 100% beef patty served with mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce, mayonnaise, juicy tomato, pickles, and two cheese slices inside a toasted sesame seed-topped bun.

A Maccies meal isn’t complete without a cheesy side, and new to the lineup this time are the Cheese and Herb Melts – which are five cheese and herb melts made with a blend of mozzarella and Emmental cheese, tossed in a herb coating and served with a rich tomato dip.

But, by far the most exciting newbie has to be the Biscoff Frappe.


Joining the limited-edition lineup to complement the Biscoff McFlurry in the best way possible, the Biscoff Frappe has a vanilla-flavour base, and is blended with ice and Biscoff biscuit crumb, before being topped with caramel cream and a Biscoff biscuit crumb dusting.

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The McDonald’s limited-edition Spring menu is launching at restaurants nationwide, including across Greater Manchester, from Wednesday 17 April onwards.

Featured Image – McDonald’s