Cadbury Caramilk has officially hit UK supermarket shelves at £1.50 a bar

Cadbury Caramilk is made with a blend of caramelised white chocolate and golden caramel chocolate to create a smooth and silky texture.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 25th June 2021

It’s an absolute cult-classic Down Under, but it’s never been widely available on UK supermarket shelves until now.

After years of tempting the taste buds of Brits who’ve made the trip to Oz, Cadbury announced last week that one of its most popular chocolate bars of all time would be available to buy from shops on this side of the pond for the first time ever.

The iconic British chocolate brand is finally bringing Cadbury Caramilk to the UK.

Many gifting websites and high street stores like B&M have previously been known to import the bars from Australia, but this is the first time a UK-made bar will be available.

The beloved Australian chocolate bar will join Cadbury’s extensive range of treats in supermarkets nationwide and is made with a uniquely-crafted blend of caramelised white chocolate that’s combined with golden caramel chocolate to create a smooth and silky texture.


Chocolate lovers were initially told that they would be able to get their hands on the new bar by the end of this month.

But many have already spotted it on supermarket shelves.


A shopper over at the ever-popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook noticed that the 190g bars of the exclusive chocolate bar were stocked on the shelves at their local Tesco branch and so decided to share the news with the over 1.7 million members of the money-saving community.

As you can probably imagine, it really went down a treat and got a lot of people talking after amassing thousands of interactions and comments.

Although pricing is likely to differ from store to store, these 190g bars were priced at £1.50 each.

Cadbury is finally bringing the iconic Caramilk bar to the UK / Credit: Instagram (@thehungrybabushka)

Speaking on the launch of Cadbury Caramilk, Beatrice Berutti – Brand Manager at Mondelez – said: “We’re excited to announce that Cadbury is launching its Cadbury Caramilk bar in the UK this summer.

“After we heard Aussie fans’ reaction and their love for the Caramilk bar, we knew we had to add this popular classic to our range in a new and improved format [so] I’d encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled for the bars hitting the shelves.

“If it’s anything like Australia, the bars will be loved by everyone.”

It’s expected that Cadbury Caramilk will be sold at a number of major supermarket retailers, but if you want to try your luck at your nearest Tesco for now, you can check the opening times for your local branch here.

Featured Image – Cadbury UK