Cat found abandoned with heartbreaking ‘sorry’ note from owner gets new home

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th February 2023

A cat found abandoned in Greater Manchester alongside a heartbreaking apology note from her owner has now found a new home.

One-year-old Lilo was found abandoned by RSPCA Manchester & Salford in what was said to be a “very frightened and timid” state after her former owners could no longer providing a suitable home for her – but now, after spending some time with a loving foster carer over the past couple of months, she is ready to start a new life in her forever home.

A heartbreaking note from Lilo’s former owner explaining why they could no longer look after the tortoiseshell and white cat was found by RSPCA officers alongside her.

In the handwritten note, Lilo’s former owners explained that they “loved her very much but can’t keep her anymore” and hoped that by putting her in the care of the RSPCA, the cat could find a new home with “someone that would love [her] more”.

The note also gave instructions to help future owners give Lilo all the love and care she needs.


“My name is Lilo and I am one,” the note begins.

“My mummy is sorry and she loves me very much, but she can’t keep me anymore. I love treats and soft blankets to make biscuits on. I am an indoor cat too. I love to play and am very independent but I do love a snuggle and to sleep on the end of the bed at night.


“I’m a good girl and my mummy hopes someone will love me more. Please take care of me.”

The RSPCA explained that Lilo was a “very frightened and timid cat” when they found her, but thanks to the details provided by her former owner on how best to care for her, they were able to place the young feline in a foster home that “replicated her original home”.

It apparently didn’t take Lilo long to “settle and forge a strong relationship” with her foster carers, which made it easy for RSPCA officers to introduce her to new people.


“Lilo soon settled and forged a strong relationship with her foster mum,” the RSPCA explained, “and this enabled us to introduce her to new people and find her the purrfect match of an adopter for her.”

“Today we are taking Lilo to her new, furever home to a very excited adopter.

“We want to say a special thank you to her foster mom (she’s American) and her adopted mum, for without them both, we could not have made this happen,” the RSPCA concluded in its now-viral post to Facebook.

“A great success based on team work.”

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The RSPCA’s social media post sharing Lilo’s success story has amassed hundreds of warm responses and comments from local people – who described the note as “heartbreaking” but said they were glad the story “had a happy ending”.

Featured Image – RSPCA