Man City Raspberry Vodka has apparently been spotted at Costco

FormidableFish / Reddit

If you know a Blue who likes a drink, then it might be worth taking a trip to Costco sometime soon.

Apparently the megastore has started selling enormous bottles of football-themed vodka – emblazoned with the Manchester City badge.

The craft spirits are raspberry-flavoured but – crucially – not raspberry-coloured… which would probably lean way too close to red for many City fans’ liking.

Nope, these massive bottles of alcohol are bright blue from top to bottom – looking a bit like oversized WKDs – and are apparently available to scoop up at Costco right now.

FormidableFish / Reddit

The vodka was originally spotted by a shopper and shared to Reddit – generating something of a polarising response among users.

The same image also ended up on Facebook and has since amassed a staggering 1,400 + comments and almost a thousand shares.

Whilst this exact brand of Blue voddy has appeared elusive online, there is another City spirit up for grabs courtesy of Bohemian.

This version looks a little more high-end – being labelled a ‘Crystal Edition’ with a particularly stylish logo.

It also comes in three different sizes (70cl, 1.5 litres and 3 litres) and weighs in at 40% ABV.

At £37, it isn’t cheap, but no surprises there.

Bargain hunting isn’t exactly the Man City way, is it?

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