Man steps up his hilarious and chaotic Boxing Day tradition to binge-drink Boddingtons

Merry Boddmas, everyone.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 27th December 2022

He’s back! Everyone’s favourite Boxing Day hero, who makes it his mission to binge-drink cans of Boddingtons, is back.

Last year, stand-up comedian Robert Copland worked his way through 15 cans of the legendary bitter, live-tweeting the whole thing in a viral thread.

And this year’s instalment was even more impressive, with a target of 16 (SIXTEEN!) cans in his sights.

Once again, what starts off as a fairly ordered and logical Twitter thread soon descends into madness, including dancing videos, puns, swearing, and plenty of typos.

Rob’s tradition, now coined ‘Boddmas’, has even drawn support from Ed Gamble this year.


And for 2022, he worked out how to set up a crowd-funded hangover recovery fund, with more than 100 people donating to get him through his Boddingtons hangover.

Highlights from this year included an impassioned rant about Declan Rice (‘a sound as f*ck geeza, heart of gold, wonderful sprit, we can’t get enough’), a break for hoisin duck pancakes, and a desperate bid for the attention of whoever manages Boddingtons’ social media channels.


The ‘official’ rules of Boddmas include sticking to a 12pm-12am window for the binge-drinking marathon, tweeting an update each time a can is opened, and ‘having fun’.

Reaching the halfway mark, Rob tweeted: “Number 8 is making me sentimental, how far we’ve come how far we have to go. It’s all the same when you’re rushing on Boddingtons.”

The typos really kicked up a notch after this, with him adding: “Feeling cockey about how fine I feel after 10… but then realised I’ve got 6 to go… Have a feeling I might be humbled in the final striaght.”


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As things went on, he posted: “No13! Come at me! Like Ally McOist I’m mosit for it! I hope to have a face so red and booze bitten one day. One can only dream. We love you Ally!” – which is… definitely words.

The mental no-context celebrity mentions continued after that, including this: “Fifteen. Reckon I could beat 50 cent in a wrestling match at this point. He must be old by now no? Get rich for die wrestling the Boddingtons guy! What’s his name Curtis Jackson right? Bring it on Curtis!”

And then this morning? Rob says he ‘woke up sweating yellow’.

During the Boddmas celebrations, one person Photoshopped Rob’s head into a World Cup photo as a mark of encouragement, writing: “You are Messi and number 16 is your World Cup Final.”

Someone else said: “If you only do one thing this Boxing Day, make sure it’s watching @Robertdcopland drink a mountain of Boddington’s (16 cans). Last year’s 15 cans was utterly glorious. #BODDMAS2022”


Another person posted: “For the second year in a row i am fully emotionally invested in @Robertdcopland trying to drink 16 cans of boddingtons.”

Dozens more shared photos of themselves watching along with a can of their own in their hands.

Here’s hoping this is a tradition that never ends – and we’re looking forward to the 17 can mission in 2023.

Featured image: Twitter @robertdcopland