Married at First Sight UK wants Manc singles to appear on new series

Married at First Sight UK matches couples based on 'scientific' and 'sociological 'factors.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 28th January 2022

The producers of the UK version of the hit show Married at First Sight are currently on the lookout for people to appear on potential future series.

E4 has put out a casting call this week asking “all singles” to get in touch.

Encouraging brave singles to apply, E4 said in a post to Twitter: “Is this the year you’ll find your true love?

“We want YOU to apply for the next potential series of Married at First Sight UK.”

First airing in 2015, the UK version of the reality series – which is based on its Australian counterpart – seems to always have the nation gripped whenever it’s on, but in case you’re unfamiliar with the show, Married at First Sight UK basically matches couples based on ‘scientific’ and ‘sociological ‘factors.


A team of experts with backgrounds in psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology, and theology fuse their professional knowledge to create matches for successful relationships.

Six consenting participants are selected from over 200 applicants looking for long-term love, and the chosen couples agree to get married with no knowledge about their suitor.


Meeting for the first time at the altar, each pair is filmed for a period of six weeks after saying “I do”, and then, when the time is up, the married couple must choose whether they will stay together or go their separate ways.

Series six of the show aired last year, and saw eight couples go into the experiment saying yes to their marriage.

Only three of those couples ended up making it all the way through to come out the other side and stay together past the reunion – Dan and Matt, Adam and Tayah, and Frankie and Marilyse, the latter of which unfortunately split later after the show aired – but this year, E4 is hoping to make even more happy couples, and is keen for brace Mancunian singles to get their applications in.

Married at First Sight basically matches couples based on ‘scientific’ and ‘sociological ‘factors / Credit: E4

So if you’re fed up of dating apps, and you’re looking for a more unconventional way to meet your soulmate, then how about letting the expert matchmaking team at Married at First Sight UK take over and find your future partner?

You can apply here.

Featured Image – E4