Morrisons is giving away FREE carrots for Santa’s reindeers this Christmas weekend

We can't cope with how adorable this is.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st December 2023

Morrisons is giving away carrots to feed Santa’s hungry reindeers for FREE this Christmas weekend, and we think it’s the cutest thing ever.

With the most wonderful time of the year officially here, and the big day itself just a few days away now, the supermarket retailer has decided it’s time to spread some festive cheer and help families prepare for Father Christmas’ visit by giving away more than 175,000 wonky carrots at all its stores across the UK – including those in Greater Manchester.

British wonky carrots are oversized or misshapen, but Morrisons insists they “still taste delicious” – and we don’t think Rudolph and his pals will turn their noses up at them.

During the festive season, carrot sales at Morrisons more than double in the week before Christmas compared to the previous week, which just proves that the tradition of leaving food and drink out for the big man in red is still as popular as ever.

By giving the carrots away for free, Morrisons says it hopes to encourage shoppers to choose wonky vegetables more often.


Wonky veg is great for reducing food waste, as this produce would’ve otherwise been discarded.

“The spirit of giving is what Christmas is all about,” admits Andy Todd, who is in charge of sourcing carrots for Morrisons, “and we’re thrilled to help add a little bit of magic to our customers’ celebrations by giving them a delicious wonky carrot to leave out for Rudolph.

You can collect them from the front of your local Morrisons store up until Christmas Eve / Credit: Morrisons

“Our tasty wonky range helps our British farmers reduce waste and offer customers a delicious alternative at a fraction of the cost.”

The free carrots are available for anyone to collect at the front of all 496 Morrisons stores across the UK from tomorrow (22 December) right up until Christmas Eve.

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How lovely is this? Pretty bloody adorable, if you ask us.

Featured Image – Morrisons