Aldi is now selling pigs in blankets-flavoured ice cream… literally

We're genuinely not making this up.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th December 2023

Trust us, we’ve not gone mad here… Aldi has now started selling pigs in blankets-flavoured ice cream just in time for Christmas.

Since when was April Fool’s Day in December?

First Walkers shocked the nation a couple of weeks back with its unlikely festive concoction of crisps that taste like Christmas pudding, and now Aldi has decided to take it one step further and give that bizarreness a run for its money, as the budget supermarket’s just announced that you can now get your hands on a new seasonal ice cream at stores across the UK

New ice cream? Sure, it may be winter, but supermarkets stocking ice cream doesn’t sound too odd, does it? Oh, that’s because we forget to mention it’s pigs in blankets-flavoured ice cream.

We all know pigs in blankets are an absolute festive food staple, and are a must-have accompaniment to any classic Christmas dinner for most Brits, yet despite the fact virtually no one – if anyone at all – has ever asked for them to be turned into a chilled dessert, Aldi‘s gone ahead and done it anyway.


Anyone who finds themselves in the freezer aisle of their nearest Aldi store this week will be able to spot Yorvale’s limited-edition Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream on the shelves.

It comes after the Yorkshire-based company’s quirky combination featured on the Channel 4 show, Aldi’s Christmas Secrets, earlier this week, and won the owners a “life-changing contract” after impressing Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying, Julie Ashfield, and Aldi’s Communications Director, Richard Thornton,


Just as you’d expect, the unique smooth and savoury-sweet ice cream is pork-flavoured, and is laced with a salted smoked maple syrup.

And it’ll only set you back £2.49 for a 500ml tub too, if you fancy it.

The unusual festive concoction will set you back just £2.49 a tub from your local Aldi store / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“We knew it had to be unusual,” admitted Yorvale co-founder Lesley Buxton, who has been in dairy farming for more than 30 years, “So we set about looking at typical Christmas flavours that might work in ice cream.


“We experimented with different flavour profiles, including Brussels Sprouts, bacon and chestnut, Port-soaked cranberries and blue cheese, blue cheese and smoky bacon, and even a Christmas spiced ‘Cuthbert’ the carrot cake, but we finally landed on Pigs in Blankets.”

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Julie says they decided to go with Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream out of all the options as it was “by far the best” and the “most festive-tasting of them all.”

Featured Image – Aldi UK (via Yorvale)