Motorists warned they could get £2,000 fines for vaping in the car

It's just not worth it really, is it?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 4th August 2023

Motorists are being warned that they could be handed hefty fines of up to £2,000 just for vaping inside their vehicles.

It may not be a law that’s on everyone’s radar, but the International Drivers Association is warning motorists that when it comes to driving, “visibility is everything”, and a clear and unobstructed view of the road is a “fundamental requirement” for safety.

Understandably, vaping has a bit of an impact on this, as when you exhale the vapour from e-cigarettes inside your car, it can create a dense and cloudy atmosphere that goes on to “significantly reduce visibility”.

This temporary impairment of vision can be enough to obscure some crucial details of the road, which, as you can imagine, could lead to dangerous situations, accidents, or even fatalities.

With the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes soaring, the industry body wants to make drivers aware that if their vaping habits reduces their visibility, this therefore inadvertently means they’re breaking the law, and could potentially lead to fines of hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Motorists warned they could get £2,000 fines for vaping in the car / Credit: Rawpixel

Here in the UK, the Highway Code states that anything that significantly reduces a driver’s visibility can be considered a ‘driving offence’.

Basically, the same laws that penalise drivers for having a windscreen or their windows obscured by dirt or snow, for instance – Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988, to be exact – can be applied to those whose view is obstructed by vape smoke, and that carries a fine that can go up to a £1,000.


But, should an accident occur as a result of this impaired visibility, then this can be considered as ‘careless driving,’ which comes with even more serious consequences – including larger fines of up to £2,000, higher insurance premiums, or even a driving ban.

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So is it any wonder why motorists are being advised that not vaping while behind the wheel is the “simplest and most effective” way to ensuring they avoid any potential fines or consequences, and ultimately, keep everyone safe? consider the following recommendations.

It’s probably just not worth it, let’s be honest.

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