BBC newsreader claps back at troll who said her ‘messy’ hair had ‘put them off their breakfast’

But like... her hair is lovely?

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 6th April 2023

BBC Breakfast presenter Nina Warhurst has publicly challenged a troll who went to the effort to email her to criticise her apperance.

The local newsreader expressed her disappointment that a woman would go out of her way to spout abuse at another woman.

Nina shared a screenshot of an email she received which said ‘you look a mess’, but responded in the most graceful way possible.

The original email had said: “Please do something with your hair. You look a mess! We have to look at you while we are eating our breakfasts, for heavens sake!”

Nina wrote in a public response on Twitter, alongside a selfie with co-presenter John Kay showing off her very lovely hair: “Women who do this to women 🙁 Too repulsed by my hair to eat her breakfast, but managing to bang out this vitriol.


“Apart from anything else I can’t bear inaccuracies – I think we can all agree my hair looked [love heart hands].”

The Sale-born presenter has recently revealed she’s expecting her third child.


The public spat has drawn tonnes of support from others online, with Figen Murray writing: “Nina, you look beautiful. You are a very pretty woman. Would she stand in front of you and say that to your face? Shame on her.”

Rylan Clark wrote: “F*CK THEM . U look lovely x”

Sky’s Hayley McQueen said: “Wow, if that’s a bad hair day you should see mine sometimes, they best not switch over to SKy, i might make them actually sick haha. Some people are so strange!”


Journalist Maxine Gordon posted: “I was just thinking how fab your hair was this morning….and how fab u r looking in general. As well as being a totally naturally gifted broadcaster. #IgnoreTheTrolls.”

Someone else said: “You wouldn’t say this to someone’s face, so why hide behind an easily sent hateful message. #BeKindAlways.”

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Featured image: Twitter, Nina Warhurst