Northern city pokes fun at neighbour with cheeky ‘Welcome to Hull’ signs

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th January 2022

Hull has appeared to take a swipe at its neighbouring northern city with new road signs that appeared this week.

A footnote on the ‘Welcome to Hull’ signs has poked fun at Leeds, cementing the long-standing rivalry between the two cities.

The small print says: “Welcome to Hull: We know we aren’t perfect but at least we aren’t Leeds,” The Hoot reports.

Hull City Council has denied any involvement in the cheeky new additions to the city.

They posted on Twitter: “We didn’t include this line on the sign, it has been added by someone afterwards, so we suspect it’s a bit of mischievous fun.”


BBC News presenter Peter Levy was one of the first to spot the mysterious sign.

The BBC presenter tweeted: “Bottom line of signs just been put up. Not sure who at ⁦@Hullccnews⁩ is responsible for this but it’s genius. Love it.”


One user tweeted in response: “When I lived in Sheffield we used to watch Look North for Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, as we refuse to watch the one coming from Leeds.”

Another jibed: “Cool [.] please leave it on there”

‘We know we aren’t perfect but at least we aren’t Leeds. / Image: Peter Levy, Twitter

Meanwhile, plenty of others jumped to the defence of Leeds, suggesting the sign was in bad taste.


One Twitter user said: “Suggest the people of Kingston Upon the River Hull don’t need to have snide remarks defaming another city in order to welcome visitors.

“No city is perfect, we have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of. Please get the line covered up asap and apologise to Leeds.”

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Other comments included: “I think that is disrespectful. Yes, have great pride in your city but not at the defamation of another.”

Another person wrote: “Oh come on, surely we’re better than that. What a great way to stir up trouble with away fans, visiting our City. What dimwit on our council thought that one up? The signs need changing anyway, our City is called Kingston-upon-Hull.”

Featured image: Unsplash, Gary Butterfield / Luke Thornton