People with an extremely rare birthday can get free pints in Manchester next week

It's a one-day-only kind of deal.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st February 2024

People who are unfortunate – or this case, fortunate – enough to have the rarest birthday of them all can grab a free pint in Manchester next week.

You guessed it – Leap Day babies, this one’s for you.

It’s estimated that only around 4.1 million people worldwide were born on 29 February – which, of course, is also known as a Leap Day birthday – and if you just so happen to be one of those people here in Manchester, then you’ll probably want to get yourself down to Society next week to celebrate.

That’s because the popular street food hall and social hub in the heart of the city centre is commemorating the special day that only comes around every four years by giving away free pints next Thursday.

The catch, however, is that you have to have been born on 29 February to claim the freebie.


Society is known for having one of the city’s biggest craft beer collections, and will be handing out glasses of its house Vocation Pure Pilsner to all Leap Day babies who’ve missed out on years of birthday benefits. 

So-called ‘leapers’ wanting to claim their complimentary cold one must be able to verify their birthday with a valid ID at the Society bar.


The deal will run all day from the moment Society opens until it closes… but, for one day only.

‘Leap Day’ babies need to head on down to Society to claim their complementary cold one / Credit: Vocation Manchester

If you’re the type to want to mark your birthday in a more lowkey way, then Society is an ideal place to head on down to.

Its relaxed dining and drinking set-up – with the ability to order food from five independent kitchens, and pick a pint from one of Vocation Brewery‘s 36 ever-changing tap beers from the comfort of your own table – makes it a great destination to celebrate your special day with groups either big or small.


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Leap Day babies can make their way to Society next Thursday (29 February) from 12pm to grab their free pint, and say ‘cheers’ to another year.

Featured Image – Society MCR