Send your best bad jokes to McVitie’s and get them featured on a Penguin

Bad jokes are even worse hiders. You can always find them lurking in the two same places.

They’re either tucked away inside Christmas crackers, ready to leap out and scream a painful pun across the dinner table.

Or, they’re skulking inside the inner folds of a Penguin chocolate bar.

As tasty as these McVitie’s treats might be, Penguins have earned a bigger reputation for the head-smackingly bad puns and ridiculous dad humour printed on their wrappers.

But, if you’ve always been the kind of person who finds Penguin jokes to be something of a guilty pleasure, there’s a competition you should know about.

This month, you might actually get your own gag printed on a Penguin and earn a place in humour’s Hall of Shame.

Announcing the competition via their Twitter channel, McVitie’s said that entrants have up until September 13 to send in their so-bad-it’s-good joke.

If it’s selected, it could appear on the chocolate bar.

“Get your joke on a Penguin!”, reads the Tweet.

“Calling all aspiring jokesters and punsters, McVitie’s Penguin wants your help to refresh the jokes for next year.

“Use #PenguinJokes to submit your entry.”

All the Ts, Cs and rules are available here.

It’s gonna have to be a whopper of a joke to make the cut, so be sure to practice on your friends and family.

If some groan and others try desperately not to giggle, you could be onto a winner…

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