You can now take a university course on Taylor Swift

The world is a truly wonderful and hilarious place sometimes, isn't it?

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 16th August 2023

Simply because the world of further education is a wonderful world where pretty much anything is possible, you can now take a university course on T-Swizzle herself, Ms Taylor Swift.

Nope, we’re not even remotely joking.

Yes, that’s right, in the same way that you can study things like the world of Harry Potter and Golf Management (whatever that is), people can now sign up for a university course on pop queen Taylor Swift. Now that’s what I call influence.

We regret to inform you that these classes aren’t yet available in the UK as far as we know, but if we know one thing about die-hard Swifties, it’s that they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to express their love for her — maybe even fly to another country just to bask in the knowledge of their favourite artist.

Probs be a good way of getting over an ex, to be fair.

Remarking the course as “a ‘swift’ approach to learning psychology”, Arizona State University’s new course, Psychology of Taylor Swift — Advanced Topics of Social Psychology, will draw on themes that feature in her songs as well as a focus on family, friends, fame and more.


As ASU went on to explain when announcing the new set of classes being taught by PhD student Alexandra Wormley, “The course is basically using Taylor Swift as a semester-long example of different phenomena — gossip, relationships, revenge”.

The graduate teaching assistant rebuffed any suggestions that this is merely an intense exercise in fandom, emphasising that “the class is not a seminar on how much we like or dislike her — we want to be able to learn about psychology.”


There’s no doubt plenty of people in the world that would find the psychology behind one of the world’s biggest pop stars fascinating. In fact, it turns out this isn’t even the only place offering a course on Taylor Swift — they’re not even the only university to announce one this month. What is happening?…

Where were all these courses when we were struggling to survive first-year philosophy?

Read more:

As it happens, in addition to a New York college launching a course inspired by the songstress last year, earlier this month another entirely different academic institution over in Belgium also unveiled their new Taylor Swift course which will be taught by a British professor named Elly McCausland.

The course, due to start in autumn this year, will be added to the master’s degree in language and literature at Ghent University and is simply entitled, ‘Literature (Taylor’s Version)’.


Now that’s just excellent.

Like Wormley, McCausland assured that this is a serious course and will essentially use Swift’s work and own musical form of literature to look at historical texts from a different perspective. It’s even got the Richard Madeley seal of approval — who knew he was a Swiftie?…

Speaking to The Guardian, she said: “What I want to do is show students that although these texts might seem inaccessible, they can be accessible if we look at them from a slightly different angle.

“So, Shakespeare, in some way, is actually addressing a lot of the same questions as Taylor Swift is today, which seems crazy, but he is.”

Explaining the course in even great detail, she told Belgian outlet Het Laaatste Nieuws that there are parallels between Swift and the likes of Sylvia Plath, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlotte Brontë, as well as various other authors and moments in literary history.


Right, we’ve heard enough and we’re convinced; we’re about to take a year of work and become even bigger Taylor Swift experts than ever.

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Featured Image — Taylor Swift (via Instagram)/Republic Records