Subway staff reveal some of the ‘strangest orders’ they’ve ever made


There’s a knack to streamline ordering at the well-oiled machine that is Subway and this is probably why we often tend to order the same thing.

Having one or two go-to orders usually stops you from becoming overwhelmed at the counter.

Whether it’s one of the classic menu items like the Meatball Marinara, BLT or Chicken Teryaki, or it’s a creation all of your own, it’s good to have a pretty solid idea of what you want on your sandwich when its your turn at the front.

It seems that not everyone likes to keep it simple though.

Subway staff from across the globe have been taking to social media to expose some of the most weird and wacky sandwiches they’ve ever created upon request.

One Subway server revealed on Reddit that he had a regular customer who liked his Subway toasted for so long that it was “basically charcoal”. He wrote: “First time he came in while I was on shift, I pulled his sandwich out of the toaster and he told me to put it back in… and again… and again.

“Apparently he really liked the taste of burnt everything.”


Another said that, despite Subway UK having multiple options for vegetarians and vegans, some people just want the salad and wrote: “I worked at a Subway a long time ago and a guy would order two full bags of lettuce on his sandwich every day.”

Similarly, a number of staff members said customers regularly asked for just cheese. No dressings or salad or anything, just a simple cheese roll – and sometimes not even toasted. One worker wrote: “I worked at Subway many years ago. There was a couple that would come in semi-regularly and she wanted just a double helping of American cheese on white bread.

“No veggies, no condiments. Just cheese.”

In what might be a little easier to get on board with for some people, a few Subway staff members revealed that for some, it appears none of the fillings will satisfy them quote like a sandwich simply stuffed full of Subway’s condiments and sauces. One worker commented that they were asked to make a 6-inch Sub with “just condiments” – “all of them”.

Another added: “Used to have a guy come in regularly to order a foot long on white, double mayo, salt, pepper. He then sat in the lobby and ate the whole thing.”


Well then.

You’ve probably no need to worry about getting strange looks from your server next time you decide to pass up on ‘cheese and toasted?’, or the three-for-£1 cookie offer.

Now, we haven’t told you these orders to give you a bit of a complex with your usual order next head into your local branch of the sandwich shop chain, or to make you think that Subway staff are judging your every pick, but mainly because it’s just so hard to believe that some of these orders were ever actually asked for.

Despite how bizarre the order is, it’s still good to know that Subway staff will make it for you anyway.

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