Tesco launches new £5 ‘premium’ meal deal with four million fancy food combinations

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 27th February 2023

Tesco has launched a brand-new ‘premium’ meal deal, and there’s apparently four million fancy food combinations to try out.

We all know meal deals are a classic lunch option for hungry office workers and people looking for something quick to grab on the go, and it’s fair to say that Tesco’s is one of the most popular on the market – and now, it looks like the supermarket retailer wants to keep it that way with its newest ‘premium’ offering.

It probably won’t be that well received by the upset shoppers who called it the “final straw” when the retailer hiked the price of its standard meal deal up to £3.90 for those without a Clubcard late last year, but for those who like lots of choice when it comes to lunch, the possibilities are – quite literally – endless.

The new ‘Premium Meal Deal’ will feature alongside the original meal deal in all Tesco supermarkets.

Tesco launches new £5 ‘premium’ meal deal with four million fancy food combinations / Credit: Tesco

Setting Clubcard holders back £5 per head, or £5.50 for those without, shoppers will be able to pick a main from well-known brands such as itsu, YO! Sushi, and Pollen & Grace, as well as a wide range of Tesco Finest and Wicked Kitchen mains, as part of the new Premium Meal Deal.


There’s a total of 33 different main choices and 10 brand new Tesco Finest and Wicked products included in the deal.

Not only can hungry shoppers choose from more mains than ever before, but they can also choose from any of the regular snacks and drinks that you usually enjoy with a regular Tesco meal deal – including favourite brands such as Walkers, Propercorn, Graze, Cadbury, Oasis and Coca Cola.


Tesco claims there’s over four million meal combinations as part of the new deal.

Clubcard holders will also make a saving of around £3.74 when buying the Premium Meal Deal, compared to if they bought the items separately, according to Tesco.

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The ‘Premium Meal Deal’ is now available in 1,200 Tesco stores nationwide.

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