The last heatwave of summer hits Greater Manchester this Tuesday and Wednesday

Temperatures in Greater Manchester could eventually reach up to 28°C over the next two days.

The Manc The Manc - 6th September 2021

Greater Manchester is set to see soaring temperatures for the next two days in what is expected to be the last heatwave of the summer.

We’ve been enjoying prolonged spells of dry weather in recent weeks, but according to the Met Office, despite a cloudy start on Monday with some light showers, temperatures in the region as well as central parts of England and Wales will start to soar as the day goes on – bringing some much-needed blue skies and sunshine.

Temperatures are set to be well above the average for September of 18°C.

Hot air from continental Europe will continue to push through the rest of the UK into Tuesday and Wednesday, which could see temperatures in Greater Manchester eventually reach up to 28°C.

The news of this short-lived summer weather comes after the highly-anticipated August heatwave – which was expected to temperatures of up to 30°C for a whopping two weeks – was unfortunately “cancelled”.


A heatwave is officially declared in England when temperatures are at least 25°C (77F) for three days or more, and the Met Office says there’s a “decent chance” this criteria could be met.

Speaking about the upcoming warm weather, Annie Shuttleworth – Forecaster at the Met Office – said: “It’s going to be very warm for the time of year and could even be rather uncomfortable for people trying to sleep at night, with temperatures remaining at around 18°C (64.4F) during the evening.”


But, in what is usually expected in Greater Manchester, it won’t last long.

From Wednesday evening, low pressure from the west will bring cloud and rain steadily across the UK, and then the second half of the week is expected to be plagued by thunderstorms in an abrupt end to the warm spell.

So, enjoy the sun while it lasts.