August heatwave cancelled as Met Office gives weather update

"This summer is not going to be remembered for warmth - it's been very bland."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th August 2021

It’s probably not what you want to hear this morning, but apparently, the August heatwave has been cancelled.

We’ve been putting up with gloomy grey skies and the classic Manchester rain for the past few weeks knowing that summer sunshine and soaring temperatures of up to 30°C would soon be coming our way.

But now, the Met Office has said there is little to no hope of another heatwave this summer.

Met Office meteorologist and forecaster Steven Keates regrettably informed The Sun that the “bland” weather we’re currently facing is set to stick around for a bit longer.

“This summer is not going to be remembered for warmth – it’s been very bland,” he said.


“We’ve had flooding, some parts of the country have seen double their average rainfall and temperatures have been unremarkable.

“It’s been wishy-washy to say the least, and that’s how it’s going to end.”


He added that while the August heatwave is “not on the cards” anymore, we should “not give up hope” for some more nice weather before the year is out.

“Some Septembers have come up trumps over recent years,” he explained.

As dull as it’s been, the Met Office has said that rainfall across the UK so far in August has been average overall, with the exception of Northern Ireland which has seen 89% rainfall, where 50% is normally expected.


The UK has however seen fewer sunshine hours this month, according to the Met Office.

Forecasts for the next couple of days and into the weekend show that it will be cloudy with patchy drizzle in Greater Manchester and most other areas, and while there’s potential for Friday to be a fine day for many, the good weather won’t last very long, as “erratic” rain will start battering those in the North West on Saturday.

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