The things people want banning from pubs as debate around kids in boozers rages on

Wow we're a fussy nation.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 14th April 2023

There’s been a fierce debate raging this week as to whether children should be banned from pubs – but it turns out if we all had our way, we’d be introducing some pretty strict rules to boozers all over the place.

Mancs have said they’d also like to get rid of the presence of mobile phones, animals, TVs, fancy crisps, vapes, and just generally all other people while they’re nursing a pint.

This all kicked off from one Tweet posted over the Easter weekend, when journalist Ava Santina said: “I’m sorry but kids at pubs running around uncontrolled by parents are really annoying and always makes me question why I’m spending money to suffer it.”

Thousands started weighing in with their opinions, including outspoken local chef Gary Usher.

A tweet from Gary’s new country pub The White Horse in Chester said: “It’s the uncontrollable rude adults that cause problems when out not happy kids. Please bring your kids & dogs to The White Horse pub where we have kids menus & crayons & also dog biscuits & water for your four legged family members.


“Some of my best memories as a kid are running around pubs my mum & dad would take us to. Beer gardens help obviously but just being in pubs when you’re younger with family & friends is the good stuff. Learning how to play pool or having a PINT OF COKE! We were all kids remember.”

When we asked The Manc audience what they wanted banning from pubs, kids came up as a pretty popular answer.


Hundreds suggested that children had ‘no place in pubs’, and hated ‘kids running around whilst the parents get drunk’.

Another thing that popped up plenty was mobile phones and social media.

One person wrote: “Social media..people used to go to the pub to socialise now people sit with a drink in hand on their phone on fb telling people who aren’t even there how much of a fantastic night they are having. Put the phones away enjoy the night out with the people who are out with u and then let it all creep up on you the day after what went on the night before then have a laugh about it.”


Another person said that mobile phones are the ‘biggest conversation killers of all time’.

A common gripe seems to be the distance that pub loos tend to be from the bar.

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One person said: “Upstairs toilets….. Why’s it always the womens that are upstairs?! Heels, alcohol and stairs DO NOT MIX WELL!!!”

Someone else posted: “Stairs to toilets just put them bar level risky when you’ve had a few J20s.”

And another wrote: “The 5 mile trek to the loo in spoons.”


More common complaints were the increasingly expensive cost of a pint, people who vape or smoke in the doorways, and anyone who kicks off inside the pub after too many drinks.

Someone who definitely works in the hospitality industry said: “People who put empty crisp packets in their empty glass.”

And really specifically, one person wrote: “Anyone playing Mr Brightside on the jukebox.”

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