This multi-section frying pan is perfect for lazy cookers

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If lockdown has proved anything over these past few months, it’s that not everyone is cut out for a life of cooking for yourself.

When the world unexpectedly ground to a halt and life as we once knew it was flipped on it’s head back in March, it left many of us having to cook for ourselves. Lockdown has certainly done a good job of separating the budding chefs, from those who would rather just stick something in the microwave or make a call to the local takeaway.

One thing we’re sure everyone can agree on though is that cooking can be hard sometimes.

If food delivery services have been your best friend over the past few months, but you think now is the time to start cooking for yourself, or you know a ‘lazy chef’ in your life that could use a little help, then we’ve found a multi-section frying pan on Amazon and it looks perfect.

The Cooks Professional Multi Section Non-Stick Frying Pan is designed to “eliminate the fuss and hassle of having to use separate pots and pans for one meal”.

This oven-compatible pan – which has a base that incorporates even heat distribution technology to help cook food evenly whichever compartment it is placed in – is great for all manor of meals. From fry-up breakfasts and brunches, to healthier lunch/tea time options, the non-stick and non-toxic surface “allows for use of less oil and fat to create a healthier meal”.

Amazon / Cooks Professional

With three options available including standard, induction hob compatible base, and induction hob compatible base with glass lid, the multi- section frying pan is a must for any kitchen.

All options have a sturdy Bakelite handle, holding lip, and measure L57 x W40 x H7cm (including handle).

It’s retailing at £24.99 and comes with a free extended two-year warranty in case you aren’t happy with your purchase, but there are plenty of positive 5* reviews on Amazon left by satisfied customers over the years, so if you have been wondering whether it’s worth the buy, then have a read of a few of those to help make you’re mind up.

It’s also eligible for FREE delivery too, which a few different delivery time options available.

If this sounds like it’s bound to make meal times a breeze for the lazy chef in your life, then you can get the Cooks Professional Multi Section Non-Stick Frying Pan from Amazon here.

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