Warburtons and Morrisons to give away FREE crumpets to people who ‘ask for Ellen’

100,000 free crumpets are set to be served up at Morrisons cafes across the UK this Easter.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st March 2024

Warburtons and Morrisons have teamed up to give away thousands of free crumpets to anyone who ‘asks for Ellen’ this Easter holidays.

After first introducing the initiative to huge success back in July of last year during the school summer holidays, Bolton-born bakery Warburtons has decided to join forces with supermarket chain Morrisons once again to relaunch the ‘Ask for Ellen’ initiative this Easter, and serve up a whopping 100,000 crumpets for free.

It means that anyone and everyone who ‘asks for Ellen’ at one of the 395 Morrisons Cafes across the UK will be given toasted crumpets with butter and jam, completely for free with “no questions asked”.

The offer will be available all day every day of the Easter holidays, while stock lasts.  

With 300,000 portions of free crumpets having already been provided as part of the much-needed scheme, and even more set to be given away over these next couple of weeks too, the ‘Ask for Ellen’ initiative aims to help “alleviate holiday hunger“.


This comes after research revealed that over six million families notice an increase in their weekly shopping bill during school holidays.

This is the kind of retail and high-street news we like to hear.


It also works to ease the additional financial strain often put on parents, carers, and guardians when children are not at school.

This latest ‘Ask for Ellen’ giveaway, which is running UK-wide from Monday, 25 March to Sunday, 14 April, comes as stark new research was commissioned by The Warburtons Foundation, and polled 2,000 parents of school-aged children.

The study detailed that over six million British families notice an increase in their weekly shopping bill during school holidays, with an overwhelming 82% of parents stating they have to spend more on snacks to “keep up with the demand” from their children too.


Research also highlighted that, on average, children ask their parents for a snack three times a day during the school holidays and because of this, more than a third (35%) have to go shopping more often to keep their children satisfied. 

When taking into account the ongoing cost of living crisis as well, initiatives like this are so crucial.

Anyone and everyone who ‘asks for Ellen’ will get free toasted crumpets with butter and jam. (Credit: Warburtons)

“With families continuing to feel the financial pinch as we head into the Easter break, we’re looking forward to providing a little support for those who might need it,” commented Jonathan Warburton, who is the Chairman of Warburtons,as the ‘Ask for Ellen’ initiative relaunches from Monday.

“During our ‘Ask for Ellen’ initiative last year, we served a mammoth 300,000 portions of crumpets.

“We are expecting to serve a further 100,000 free portions of crumpets to families up and down the country as part of the scheme this Easter holiday too.”  


As well as running the ‘Ask for Ellen’ initiative, Morrisons is also continuing to provide its ‘Kids Eat Free’ promotion all day, every day, throughout the Easter holidays too, meaning families can get a free kids meal when purchasing an adult meal that costs £4.50 or more. 

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To get your free Warburtons crumpets this Easter, all you’ll need to do is head down to your nearest Morrisons Cafe and ‘ask for Ellen’.

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