Woman urged to leave boyfriend after he makes ‘worst brew ever’

If we just can't seem to decide on the best way to make a brew, perhaps we can at least all agree this is the worst?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 14th July 2021

A woman has been advised to leave her boyfriend after anonymously posting a picture on social media showing that he’d made her the “worst brew ever”.

Is this really grounds for a break up? We’ll let you be the judge.

We know that talking to Brits about brews is a very delicate business, because simply put, Brits love a brew, and it was even found last year that we’ve been buying tea more than ever during lockdown – with an additional £24 million spent on the stuff in a four week period.

There’s also the age-old debate around the correct way to make a brew, with just about everyone from your Grandad and Auntie, to a university professor, and even a ‘professional tea taster’ chucking their opinion into the mix – but if we just can’t seem to decide on the best way to make a brew, perhaps we can at least all agree this is the worst?

The anonymous woman shared a photo of a very weak brew in a black mug to the Casual UK subreddit last week, causing thousands of Brits to share their disgust.


Some said it “looks like it was made with chicken stock”, others were so outraged they called for the woman to “make her boyfriend write lines”, and one went as far to say that the watery liquid was “a declaration of war”.

We shared the picture with our Facebook audience last week – and it really didn’t go down well.


Racking up over a thousand responses and counting, plenty of opinionated Mancunians were keen to have their say on the photo of the brew.

“That looks like what comes out of my washing machine,” one person exclaimed.

Another, presumably a Line of Duty fan, commented: “Jesus Mary & Joseph & the wee Donkey, that’s shocking”, while a third speculated: “I guess this guy wants to end the relationship but doesn’t know how to [and] he is therefore forcing her hand to make her make the move.”


“That’s literally the worst brew I have ever seen,” another said bluntly.

While it’s hard to deny that he’s committed a British tea-brewing crime, the woman did make sure to emphasise that her boyfriend whips up an “incredible” full English breakfast – which balances out the poor brew making.  

It’s not so bad then, after all.

Featured Image – Casual UK (Reddit)