You can now buy crisps for dogs that taste like squirrels, muddy puddles and old socks

Dogs aren’t known to turn their noses up at anything.

So for pups who love to seek out squirrels, muddy puddles, fox poo and old socks at every possible opportunity, you can now buy a range of scented dog treats which are aimed at satisfying their crazy sensory cravings.

These new treats are the brainchild of unique dog-lovers online gifting company

The company has launched this collection of crisps for dogs and it comes with a range of pup-friendly scents including ‘Squirrel’, ‘Old Sock’, ‘Muddy Puddle’ and even ‘Fox Poop’. Each mouth-watering carton of crisps has been infused with the scent of dogs’ favourite guilty pleasures to “tantalise and delight your pet this autumn”

Whilst has said it “makes no promises” that your dog will forget their naughty tricks and suddenly change those shameless habits – like chasing after squirrels, or seeking out the biggest pile of fox poop on their daily walk – but these new crisps do offer a truly unique treat for your dog that’s sure to “arouse their senses and indulge some of their most undesirable fixations”.
  • Squirrel Scented Crisps: “Combines warm, nutty notes mingling with the earthy aroma of fallen leaves to evoke the irresistible aroma of squirrel (no squirrels were harmed in the making of this product)”.
  • Fox Poop Scented Crisps: “Mouth-watering treat for your dog, infused with the scent of fox poop to tantalise the senses.”
  • Old Sock Scented Crisps: “Whiffs of warm stilton blend with a “bottom of the gym bag” musk, breathe in all the delightfully damp smells of an old sock, while they chow down on these crunchy crisps.”
  • Muddy Puddle Scented Crisps“With the soggy scent of boggy water mixed with an aroma of squelchy mud, these muddy puddle scented crisps are just waiting for your dog to dive into.”

The crisps are each made from 100% natural ingredients, are safe for dogs to eat with no added salt, should always be served with fresh drinking water, and offer a fun and healthy snack when fed responsibly as a special treat or reward for being good.

Each flavour of crisps will set you back just £2.99, and there’s also a complementary pet food for dogs over 14 weeks old available at the moment too.

If your dog’s tastes are a little more refined though, then the company also offers other treats such as Peanut Butter and Jelly Biscuit Minis, Doggy Popcorn, or Love Bite biscuits, together with a fun range of personalised tins to store them in. 

You can get your hands on this unique range of treats via here.

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