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The Kate Moss lookalike who fooled Manchester at the Chanel show has just walked Paris Fashion Week

She is SUCH a doppelganger.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th March 2024

A woman who looks so much like Kate Moss she tricked half of Manchester into believing the supermodel was shopping in the Ancoats Aldi has gone on to actual fashion stardom.

The stunner has just this week made a surprise appearance on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, walking for French designer Marine Serre.

And it’s not the first time she’s hit headlines – although the first time, it was a case of mistaken identity.

Denise Ohnona, from Ormskirk, who is a complete doppelganger for supermodel Kate Moss, was booked by Aldi for a very clever publicity stunt when Manchester was in the grips of Chanel fever.

Wearing dark sunglasses, a long leather coat and heeled boots, she managed to trick the public and several press outlets (not us though, we hasten to add) into believing fashion royalty was having a brew outside a Northern Quarter coffee shop.


Which was obviously not the case.

Denise said people have often told her she looks like Kate Moss but didn’t think much of it until she was approached by a lookalike agency.


She said: “It’s one thing to be hired as a ‘Lookalike’ to attend a store opening or red carpet event, where everyone knows it’s not actually the celebrity, it’s just for a bit of fun, but it’s another thing when a company like Aldi comes to you with a PR stunt, where they want to fool not only the public, but the press.

“These sort of jobs always come with slight anxiety, because you think to yourself, will people know who I’m supposed to be? Will people really believe it’s Kate Moss?

“Well thankfully they did and Aldi caused quite the controversy, with all the major papers running the story.


“I guess I should thank my Mum and Dad for these cheek bones. And although I’m a stay at home mum, who’s life is anything but glamorous, it’s always nice to put on some heels and shades for a day and put a smile on people’s faces”

And now Denise has struck fame once again after her appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

The 43-year-old appeared on This Morning yesterday to discuss her whirlwind journey.

She said that she’s naturally a shy person and when her agent initially asked her about a job in Paris she said no.

But after being persuaded by a friend, she was suddenly on the catwalk at the world’s most famous fashion event.


Denise said: “I didn’t release how big it was. The models and the whole production and everything. I was like a little girl who got to play dress up for the day and be one of the catwalk models. So it was fun but scary.

“I’m so glad I did it. ‘If it scares you do it anyway,’ that’s what I tell my kids. “

And once again, internet users have been stunned at her resemblance to Kate Moss.

One person wrote: “Does she have to pay Kate Moss some sort of royalties for using her face?”

Another said: “This woman is UNCANNY! Genuinely thought Kate Moss had come to the studio before reading the caption!”


Someone else commented: “Definitely her double and I’d be having a DNA test if I was her. There’s lookalikes but this is the actual replica!”

And one person joked: “Hahahaha you look more like Kate Moss than Kate moss!”

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Featured image: Instagram, @iamnotkatemoss