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Mancs can apply to be paired up with two potential partners for a ‘unique’ Channel 4 dating show

Well, this sounds a bit... ruthless.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 16th May 2024

Those who consider themselves to be pretty unlucky-in-love can now apply to take part in one of the most “unique” dating shows on TV.

Following the undoubted success of the first series – which has been airing on E4 for the past couple of weeks now, before concluding last Thursday (9 May) – Channel 4 has now put out a nationwide casting call for people to take part in the next series of its newest dating game show, Love Triangle.

And the show’s producers are calling on singletons from Greater Manchester to stick an application in.

Unfamiliar with Love Triangle?

Based off the US and Australian programmes of the same name, the UK version is a so-called “supersized” take on the show, and it seeks to “turn everything you know about dating on its head”.


In what is a first of its kind for UK television, the brand-new relationship format asks six courageous singles to reject all the conventions and pitfalls of modern app-based dating in favour of a “radical” new approach.

Channel 4 is currently casting across the UK for the next series of Love Triangle / Credit: Channel 4

The six contestants will first choose a love match from two potential suitors.


One match embodies each single’s usual wants, type, and desires, while the other reflects their deeper and more “fulfilling” romantic needs.

After choosing one of the suitors to date, the other will then make a “shocking surprise return” to form a love triangle, and then, after dating and living with both suitors, each single faces a choice – they must pick one of their matches to “pursue lasting love”.

The casting call for contestants on the Channel 4 website reads: “In this unique relationship series reflecting dating in the real world, unlucky-in-love singles are matched with two potential partners, who each tick different boxes of their wants and needs, in the hopes of finding long-lasting love.”


To apply for the show, you just need to be 18 years of age or older, a resident of the UK, and crucially, single and “looking for love”.

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Fancy it then? To express your interest, fire and email over to [email protected].

Featured Image – Channel 4