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Tearful Scarlett Moffatt describes terrifying kidnap attempt and warns fans about social media use

'Please, people, be careful what you’re posting.'

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 1st September 2022

An emotional Scarlett Moffatt has warned people to be careful about how they use social media while describing a terrifying incident she experienced.

The presenter and TV personality said that a stranger approached and followed her. He repeatedly told her he was ‘taking her home’ with him.

Scarlett said that she was saved from the ‘scary’ encounter by two employees at the train station, who kindly intervened and walked her to her hotel.

She said that the man was ‘waiting for her’ when she got off the train in London, and knew her whereabouts because of a post on her Instagram stories which included a location tag.

The former Googlebox star has urged people to ‘be careful’ with what is posted on social media.


She said, while wiping away tears: “Do not post where you are [on social media], you don’t know who’s looking at your stories.”

Scarlett said: “Right, I’m going to do this video, and not for attention or anything like that.


“Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Neil and Danny who work for LNER, because it isn’t in your job description to walk me all the way to my hotel and I really, really appreciate it. I’m going to tag LNER so that they can see this because honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without you.

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“I’m doing this so that people realise the importance of using social media and not always posting where you are.

“I stupidly, naively posted on Instagram saying, ‘Off to London on the train’ and when I got into King’s Cross station there was a guy there. Sorry, I’ve composed myself. I think, because Danny and Neil were there, I stayed calm.


“But this guy came at me and said, ‘Scarlett, I’ve been waiting for you. You’re coming home with me.’ And then I said, ‘Oh no, thank you’ and walked off.

“And then he followed me and was like, ‘Scarlett, Scarlett, you’re coming home with me. I’m taking you home with me.’

“And then luckily the train guard’s seen us, because it was just outside King’s Cross station, and then was like, ‘Come over here! Oh, Scarlett, hiya!’, pretending that I was like with them, and then walked me to my hotel.”

“I think it’s just hit us how actually scary that was. But I want to say to you, do not post where you are, you don’t know who’s looking at your stories. But I want to post a picture of Danny and Neil, the absolute legends that they are.

“I’m actually going to post this picture tomorrow because I’ve realised that you can probably tell what hotel I’m in by posting it. Oh my word, I’ve never even thought of this before. Please, people, be careful what you’re posting.”

Featured image: Instagram, @scarlettmoffatt